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Bat Flipping is Bad Baseball

Posted By how2media

In case you haven’t noticed, bat flipping has become quite popular in Major League Baseball and is now trickling down to the minor leagues, colleges and even little leagues.  While some ego-maniacs like the thought of bat flipping, and while I may be deemed as

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Is LaVar Ball Over-Parenting?

Posted By how2media

With the results in from the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery, the top 5 of the field looks like this:
1:  Boston Celtics
2:  Los Angeles Lakers
3:  Philadelphia 76ers
4:  Phoenix Suns
5:  Sacramento Kings
With the Lakers having the 2nd pick in the

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Aaron Hernandez is Laughing at Massachusetts

Posted By how2media

As beautiful a state as Massachusetts is, it has now clouded itself in pure ugliness, thanks to its recent abatement of Aaron Hernandez’ previous guilty verdict in the murder of Odin Lloyd.  That’s right…you heard me correctly.  Because the coward murderer known as Aaron Hernandez

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