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Remarketing & Why You Should Care

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Remarketing & Why You Should Care

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Remarketing & Why You Should Care

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Remarketing & Why You Should Care

By: Ericka Heligman


 If my laptop was stolen tomorrow, I think I would be more upset about someone seeing my search history than the loss of my property. After all, I don’t need anyone knowing about the countless hours I spent online reading about mindless nonsense. Did Kim Kardashian really go to lunch with wet hair? What are the top 32 Buzzfeed “IPhone Auto Correct Fails?” Channing Tatum is a new moving coming out when?! I mean obviously, there are about a thousand other more valuable ways I could be spending my time, but there is so much useless information at my finger tips that I just can’t seem to help myself. I have an addiction. Hi my name is Ericka, and I’m addicted to useless information. It’s not my fault though, the internet seems to know what I like and it tends to prey on my weaknesses. I looked at one Buzzfeed list one time and now my Facebook is bombarded with different Buzzfeed articles for me to look at. I can’t say no, because that’s just mean.

I had a friend getting married recently, so I went on her wedding website on TheKnot.com to look at her registry. The following day my Facebook was bombarded with advertisements for wedding locations, events, caterers etc. When I went to do a Google search the same kinds of ads were showing up. While it was annoying, it got me thinking about how smart of a business practice this. So, being in my line of work, I decided to investigate why this was.

For those that are not familiar with AdWords the super short definition would be an ad that you pay for to have showing up on Google. Now, in its effort to have global domination, Google now includes YouTube, the Google Display Network (which has access to over a million different websites) and even their own competition search engines such as MSN. So, once you sign up for Adwords, Google offers you the option to also include “remarketing” in your advertising campaign. That basically means that Google will track your target markets history and stalk them for you until they become your clients.

So, when I went to TheKnot.com, Google tracked my history and saw that I was a potential candidate for all things marriage and weddings. Since it didn’t pertain to me, I didn’t click on all of the advertisements, and it didn’t cost the advertiser anything, so no harm no foul. I just got lost in the shuffle, but for the bride there is a completely different story. Without doing one single Google search, all she had to do was changed her Facebook status from in a relationship to engaged before the Ads started pouring in. Soon she was seeing ads for wedding gowns, wedding venues, wedding caterers etc. She literally didn’t have to lift a finger and all of the information that she needed was coming to her.
This is one of the smartest business practices that you can do. This is what’s known as “remarketing.” For example purposes, let’s pretend that you run a wedding catering business. Let’s throw your business on every wedding venue website and every wedding website we can think of. In fact, this remarketing tool is so powerful, that why should we stop there? Let’s throw your business on your competitors page, because why not?! What if you had someone look at your website, but the potential customer decides, “Eh, this is fine, but this is only the first website I’ve looked at. Why don’t I look at 100 other sites and make sure I have found the best.” Well, unless you are serving something mind blowing and different from everyone else, then chances are your business will get lost in the shuffle. With remarketing, you can win back that lost customer. Now, when they go to their competitor’s site, they can see a banner ad for your business offering 25% off first time clients (or an advantage of your choosing). The goal is to remarket to lost and potential customers and convert them back to your business.

It’s interesting because my buddies over at Google seem to know what I like better than any of my close friends do. I log onto Facebook to see if I have any notifications and next thing I know, two hours has passed. It’s not stalking people (while I do that), it’s the minute I start scrolling- how did Facebook know that I wanted to see a list on the worst dressed celebrities for the week? Or a Buzzfeed list of all of the most hauntingly beautiful abandoned places in the United States? Can’t forget about that new Jennifer Lawrence movie coming out. It seems like they know exactly what I need to see. So, why not replace that Buzzfeed list with your business and start catering to an audience you didn’t even know you had the possibility to reach?

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