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The Scam of Sports – 2016 NBA Finals

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The Scam of Sports – 2016 NBA Finals

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If you’ve been watching the NBA Finals, you know it’s popularity is through the roof.  But is that popularity there because of the authenticity of the game or is it because it’s become more of the equivalent to WWE Wrestling?  Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know of the success of the Golden State Warriorscavs-vs-warriors for the past two seasons.  And, if you know anything about the Warriors you know about their 21st Century version of a “bad boy” in Draymond Green.  Tagged with being “today’s Dennis Rodman”, Draymond Green has found himself in some ill-advised situations throughout this season and, specifically, this postseason.  Draymond Green Kicks Steven Adams

While Draymond Green might teeter-totter the fine line of what’s acceptable in this day and age of the NBA, he was recently suspended for something far lighter than the video above features.  Now, some will say it was because it was an attack on LeBron James, and some will say because it was the straw that broke the camel’s back…but others will tell you it’s simply because the NBA wanted to extend the series between the Cavs and Warriors.  Why extend it?  Because it’s more money in the pockets of the big-wigs; so why not extend it???!!!

Even former NBA referee, Tim Donaghy broke it down in the same manner.  (Click Here for video)

The history of the NBA is far from clean.  If you’re an NBA fan, or even just an average sports fan, you have to wonder if what you’re watching is 100% real.  If you’re a Warriors fan you’re obviously upset at what’s transpired…if you’re a Cavs fan you’re obviously satisfied.  But you can watch the video here, in case you haven’t already seen it and make the call on whether this warrants a suspension.  We don’t believe, in the NBA Finals, that video warrants a suspension.  In fact, if a player steps over another player, that has to be a Warriors_players_ripped_LeBron_James-c032be93f2144106d5b0c64b4c8d1405sign of immeasurable disrespect.  But we’re not the only ones that feel that way.  See and listen to what ESPN’s Steven A Smith had to say. (click here for Steven A Smith’s take on Draymond Green suspension).

Ultimately, that leaves me to say the NBA is not only much weaker than what it used to be, but the NBA is also a scam when it comes to how they handle their business as well as the authenticity of what they provide their viewing audience and fans.  Ultimately what’s done is done and the Warriors lost in Game 5 to the Cavs.  Now the series shifts back to Cleveland with the Cavs trailing 3-2.  Will the Cavs be as effective against the Warriors with a hungry and angry Draymond Green back in the lineup?  This writer would say, “No.”  I also wonder how much longer fans will allow the NBA to get away with this type of scam?


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