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Concussions, CTE & Gary Bettman’s Denial

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Concussions, CTE & Gary Bettman’s Denial

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Just the other day, the NHL’s troll of a commissioner, Gary Bettman, dismissed and denied the link 1297301359051_ORIGINALbetween CTE and concussions.  In this characterless act of Bettman’s, he brings about some very grave concerns over player safety in ALL sports.  First, it’s blatantly obvious Bettman has no concern for the safety of NHL players.  Second, it’s blatantly obvious Bettman’s only concern rests with the money he makes and the money he makes team owners.  This is the equivalent of a chief of police publicly saying he or she doesn’t care whether their officers get killed.  In America, we already put too much emphasis on work and the importance of work.  Other countries have America beat by far in this department, by valuing family and self.  Other countries don’t push their employees the way in which American companies push their employees, and other countries know the reason of why people work in the first place – family.  Now, for a commissioner – the top dog if you will – to come out and moronically and publicly dispute something that doctors have already found scientific links of, is ridiculous to the 10th degree.  Is Gary Bettman a doctor?  Where’s Gary Bettman’s proof?

The Stats:

According to Boston University, CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) is a progressive small-cte-brain-wordsdegenerative disease of the brain found in athletes (and others) with a history of repetitive brain trauma, including symptomatic concussions as well as asymptomatic subconcussive hits to the head.

Based on these findings, it’s pretty obvious that if you get hit in the head repeatedly, you run the ultimate risk of suffering from CTE, which is a truly debilitating disease.  Here is a list of athletes whom have suffered from CTE, which is only 100% confirmed based on an autopsy:

Dave Mirra, Charles “Bubba” Smith, Fred McNeil, Ken Stabler, Jovan Belcher, Mike Webster, junior-seau-articleJustin Strzelczyk, Lew Carpenter, Louis Creekmur, John Grimsley, Chris Henry, Terry Long, John Mackey, Ollie Matson, Andre Waters, Tom McHale, Junior Seau, Chris Benoit, Reggie Fleming, Bob Probert, Ryan Freel, and many, many others.


It’s Sad:

The sickest thing about Gary Bettman coming out and putting money before human life is that doctors and scientists have found the link.  Denying the link between CTE and concussions is like denying where babies come from.  Ultimately, American people are already pushed to the brink when it comes to work, with scientific and medical proof showing the link between CTE and concussions, why put their lives at risk as well?


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