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Pokemon Go

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Pokemon Go

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In light of the popularity of Pokemon Go, there seem to be both positives and negatives.  Some of pokemon-go-2-1500x1000the positives lies with the fact that business who may be struggling can purchase Pokemon and have them at their location, which lures the users of the popular smart phone app to their destination, which can obviously increase business.  Another positive is with it getting the younger generation, a generation that notoriously hides behind smart phones and doesn’t see much daylight when compared to generations of the past, outside of the house and on the go.  These are positive aspects that go with Pokemon Go.

But, having done extensive research on the app, the negatives have shown to far out-weigh the pokemon_go_crashpositives and has created some serious concerns as well as complaints.  Some concerns are the fact that people are free to use apps in any manner they’d like and this has led to some terrible decisions on the part of human beings.  Just recently, two people literally fell off a cliff while not paying attention and becoming wrapped up in the game.  Additionally, highways have had to use signs, which discourage the use of playing Pokemon Go while driving!!!!  Yes, believe it or not, some people are dumb enough to actually play the game while they drive an automobile!  The saddest part is that these people are voters and helping make decisions regarding our country, but they’re not smart enough to take the responsibility of driving seriously!  Nothing defines the words “terribly pathetic” such as that.

Apps, such as Pokemon Go, are perfectly fine to use the right way, but too many times have we 636040027774564283-pokemon-gobeen seeing apps such as this used in the wrong way.  The saddest part is that some people just don’t seem intelligent enough to be trusted to have complete freedoms and soon enough someone will have no choice but to get involved in order to protect people from themselves, and, most importantly, innocent people who get in the way of them playing Pokemon Go.


Ultimately, this could be a fun game for children because that’s whom Pokemon are supposed to be for.  It’s not meant for adults (no matter how young you think you are).  In fact, I’d go so far as to say that adults playing the game probably need to focus a little more on work, family, responsibilities and take not of their priorities rather than getting sucked into a game for children.  If adults are going to partake in the game, they need to do so in a far more responsible manner than what’s currently being shown.  To the point, rather than “Pokemon Go”, I say, “Pokemon No“.

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