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Colin Kaepernick’s Answer Is Not A Solution

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Colin Kaepernick’s Answer Is Not A Solution

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Same as parents tell their children…same as I was told as a child and I tell my child…same as

one day my child will tell his…”Actions speak louder than words.”  When Colin Kaepernick chose to sit for the National Anthem, he was trying to draw attention to things going on in America, but what he did instead was create an additional problem, upset people, and not create a solution.

The biggest problem with people is when they provide an opinion about something or do something pathetically stupid rather than first thinking the situation through, then considering all consequences (good or bad), and then creating a solution.  Ultimately, people with solutions get things done.  People without solutions stage stupid stunts like Colin Kaepernick has done.  I get it; not everything going on in America is good.  I get it; plenty of people are upset.  And they have every right to be.  But with anything in life, causing trouble in order to draw attention usually isn’t the best solution.  In this case, there was no solution provided by Kaepernick at all.  Like many NFL players have come out said, in response to Kaepernick’s antics, if you want to help with a solution, fine, but there are better ways to do it.

Kaepernick, whom has not been treated unfairly in America, has created a problem for himselfkaepernick-e1446474931258 by ignoring the American flag instead of providing real solutions.  Instead of refusing to stand for the National Anthem and pay homage to those whom have fought in order to protect our freedoms, Kaepernick could be out there “doing” for the communities he is concerned about.  I get it, he’s concerned.  That is fine.  But why show such a sickening display of disrespect to those whom have died protecting us and our freedoms?  Sure, he’s getting his attention because in this day and age of endless media coverage, an over-paid athlete breaking the rules will draw attention.  And, just like parents of a toddler that throws constant temper tantrums, if we give him his attention (good or bad), it’s not going to stop.  Things like this will stop when we stop paying attention to it.  Things like this will stop when we stop buying tickets to these sporting events, stop paying for merchandise, and stop supporting the teams these players play for.

The American flag isn’t a representation of the things going wrong with America.  The soldier-in-uniform-saluting-united-states-flagAmerican flag is a representation of a nation that fought its way to prosperity; a nation that provided unheard freedoms to its citizens; a nation that gave birth to countless numbers of some of the most brave men and women to ever live and whom had the courage to fight for others and die for others.  To sit for the flag is to be UN-American and there’s no other way to put it.

Ultimately, Colin Kaepernick is right; there are unjust things happening in America, and they’ve been going on since the birth of America and even beforehand.  But Colin Kaepernick just added to the unjust things going on.  Ultimately, to be a productive individual, American or otherwise, you need to provide solutions and be a “do-er”.  You need to take action.  What Colin Kaepernick is doing is simply throwing a temper tantrum and it’s probably time we simply send him to time-out and let him learn how we are supposed to behave.  Is it wrong to burn your Colin Kaepernick jersey?  No.  You go right ahead and burn it and know that in doing so, you are being patriotic.  Kaepernick’s parents must be so proud to have raised such a moron.

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