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How the NFL Scams Us All

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How the NFL Scams Us All

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As we find ourselves in the midst of the NFL Preseason, and with the NFL season quickly people_watching_footballapproaching, we quickly find ourselves in the midst of being scammed by the NFL.  Please understand, I am a sports fan, a football fan, an NFL fan – not as much as I once was, but still an NFL fan nonetheless.  You know how people say, “ignorance is bliss”?  Consider it true.  When I was younger and didn’t understand all of the politics, money, nonsense and garbage the NFL provides its fans, I was a much more content, dare I say happy fan.  But, much like a cynical old man sitting alone slurping soup at a small deli somewhere in New York, I became all too knowledgeable to my surroundings; especially when it came to sports.  I saw a game that once had my heroes playing every Sunday, become a game full of criminals, run by even worse criminals.

Ultimately, the NFL is a hypocrisy in and of itself.  They have you, the NFL fan, sit down on a thSunday and basically lose an entire day to watch overpaid, whiny players play a game for 3 hours at a time.  While you sit at home, these players make more money in that one game than you’ll make all year.  Oh, by the way, if they feel they over-performed some players may even feel inclined to simply sit out until they make more money!  When was the last time you over-worked and sat out until you made more money!  Never, that’s when!  By the way, while you sit there for 3 hours at a time, consider this, according to SportsGrid.com, that 3 hour game you’re enjoying so much is actually showing you only 11 minutes of actual playing time!!!  You heard me, 11 minutes!!!!  Don’t believe me, click the link and see their breakdown, which nicely done via a pie chart http://www.sportsgrid.com/real-sports/nfl/pie-chart-actual-football-watching-nfl-game-vs-replays-commercials-etc/

What’s even worse…I know, you’re thinking…”How does it get worse”? – – – figure on a Sunday, you’re going to sit down and watch the early game, the late game, and then theTiredAtWork Sunday Night Football Game.  That’s 9 total hours you’re going to sit down and glue yourself to watch people play a game and you’re actually only watching 33 minutes of actual game play!!!  Now, in reality, ask yourself, is that time well spent?  Americans work harder than probably any country in the world.  We are over-workers.  We like our free time, we like our family time.  Now, all that said, how can you really complain about the time you spend with family or your free time when you’re killing an entire free day???  Wouldn’t you be better off DVR’ing a game and simply fast-forwarding through it all?

In case you didn’t click on the pie chart over at SportsGrid.com yet, in a normal, 3 hour NFL contest, you already know you’re watching only 11 minutes of actual game play, but they also show that you’re watching 63 minutes of commercials!!!  You get to watch 15 minutes of replays (more time than the actual players playing the game!!!!).  You also get to watch 35nfl_mary_508 minutes of crowd shots, coach shots and cheerleader shots, and then, saddest of all, you watch 67 minutes (over an hour) of players just standing around!!!!  Talk about a waste of time, money and the air you breathe!!!!!  And after sitting around all day watching all these games, you go into work on Monday tired, depressed if your favorite team lost, and not ready to actually work.  You also spend your hard-earned money buying the merchandise from these NFL teams.  Let me ask you, when your team wins the Super Bowl, other than a momentary euphoric feeling, what do you get out of it?  Do you get a ring?  No.  Do you get money?  No.  Do you get fanfare?  No.  You get nothing but a momentary feeling of euphoria and nothing else.  Again, is it worth it.  This, my friends, is the reason the NFL, a criminal-infested, steroid-laden, over-paid, nonsensical enterprise is succeeding and the average American is not.

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