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Ryan Lochte’s Abuse of Privilege

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Ryan Lochte’s Abuse of Privilege

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By the age of 32, most of have come to realize that excuses of being a child are gone.  Thisswimmer-ryan-lochte_1a8pa86s0feee1xh81kydda21x-1500x575 usually takes place for most adults around age 30.  Let’s face it; when you’re in your 20’s, though you can be held accountable for mistakes, plenty of mistakes are being made that some may regret, and you can chalk it up to, “being a kid”.  But by age 30, things change.  Most people are at least 5 years into their career, they have either purchased a home or are preparing to purchase a home, and they have either started a family or are prepared to start a family.  But then you get to the over-privileged.  You get to Ryan Lochte.

As a 12-time Olympic medalist (6 gold, 3 silver, 3 bronze), Ryan Lochte is successful at his craft.  Is he Michael Phelps?  No; but who is?  But it’s hard to argue that Lochte has shown57aa2bdcc9661.image great success throughout his career, leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.  But then, just as things seem to be going well during these 2016 Olympic Games, the child comes out in Lochte and embarrasses an entire nation.  We can all hang our heads a little bit lower today in knowing that someone by the likes of Ryan Lochte represents us all.  In that he represents the United States in the Olympics, he is a representation of every American citizen.  And for that, we can hang our heads in shame.  Though Ryan Lochte should be able to be viewed as a role model for young children; especially young swimmers, instead, you get an over-glorified individual whom doesn’t deserve anything.  Ultimately, you get a loser.

In case you haven’t heard, the truth is beginning to come about about the night Lochte says he was robbed at gunpoint.  The truth is coming out; as it always does, concerning Lochte andgas-station-ryan-lochte teammates vandalizing a local gas station!!!  What is this?  High school???  At age 32, not only do you lie and talk negatively about a country hosting the Olympic Games, but then you can’t even hold yourself accountable for the destruction of property you did on a night where you had too much fun.  If anything, Americans get it.  Americans understand mistakes will be made, no matter what age you are.  But Americans shouldn’t overlook the inability to hold oneself accountable.  Let’s face it; we’ve all made mistakes.  I continue to make mistakes every single day.  But who am I really if I don’t hold myself accountable, embrace my failures and mistakes, grow and learn from them?  I’ll tell you who you are; you’re Ryan Lochte.  You’re every single individual whom points the finger of blame at others while living a life of lies.  Eventually the truth comes out and for Ryan Lochte that time is now.

But the blame can’t just sit with Lochte.  Of course, he was with some teammates the night of their debacle, but I’m more talking about blaming ourselves.  It’s our fault that we put people like Lochte on pedestals and treat them like their immortal.  It’s our fault they start to believe

they’re immortal.  Just look at the media coverage these guys get.  Of course they think they’re untouchable!  The fact is, who cares if he can swim better than the average individual?  Whoryan-lochte-olympics cares that he’s an Olympian?  He’s human, right?  Why do we continue to be so enthralled with celebrities and so psychologically weak that we feel we need to make a person like Ryan Lochte seem better than he actually is???  We have to stop this nonsense!  But,the best thing we can do is dis-own Ryan Lochte and shamefully explain to others that Lochte can swim and that’s great, but he can’t do much else successfully in life.  But we also need to smarten up and stop putting pathetic people at the top of pedestals and realize that these are not role models in any way, shape or form.

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