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Corporate Greed & The Karma That Goes With It

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Corporate Greed & The Karma That Goes With It

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You don’t have to look far in this world to find individual and corporate greed.  It’s all203939_story__breschheatherpiccrop around us on a daily basis.  But for what Mylan CEO, Heather Bresch recently did with the rising cost of the EpiPen is just dumbfounding.  For some, the EpiPen is an absolute necessity and can be the difference between life and death.  But Bresch saw greed as a much better option than the health and well-being of fellow human beings.

For Heather Bresch, the Director and CEO for Mylan, whom began with the company in a low-level position (quality control), greed has reared its ugly head in the worst way.  That worst way is to the tune of her making a now whopping $18,000,000!!!! That’s 18 MILLION DOLLARS OF ANNUAL SALARY (just in case you got tired of counting the zeroes, LOL).  And why???  Why is only and all because of greed.  Like many of us do on a daily basis, Bresch worked her way up the company ladder with hard work and determination, but, at some point she lost her way and only began looking at the world as an opportunity to get rich…REAL RICH!!!  At one time, the cost for a 2-pack EpiPen was around $100, which still may seem like a lot but consider that it’s a $100 investment in the safety safety and well being of human beings.  But now, because Ms. Bresch would like to apparently become a billionaire one day, why not raise the cost of a 2-pack EpiPen to $600 ?  That’s right, the cost soared from $100 to $600 all because Ms. Bresch would like to get richer.  Who cares if a person, let alone a child dies because of an allergic reaction and their family can’t afford to be equipped with the EpiPen?  Not Heather Bresch; that’s for sure!

Because of this, Bresch had a nice little sit-down with lawmakers to go over the many obvious reasons she deserved to raise the cost of the EpiPen as well as be able to earn herself a modest wage (LOL).  Of course, she stumbled over her words and couldn’t really detail why such things were taking place.  Though she said, “We never intended this.”, I ask, what did they intend?  She also stated that her company “Doesn’t make much profit from each emergency allergy shot…”.  REALLY, HEATHER???!!!  My next question would have been as to 320x486how are they not profiting so much when the price has soared???  To me, someone who’s been around finances all their life, Mylan must have the worst accountants in the entire world working for them if they’re not profiting that much, based on the current cost.  And while we’re talking about finances, if Heather Bresch needs $18 million to survive and make her way through this world, what does that say about the rest of us???  We’re obviously screwed, right???!!!  Anyone whom ever tells you they need that much money to live is either the dumbest person in the history of the world and just doesn’t know how to handle their finances well or just a terrible, greedy scumbag.  I think we know what we have in Heather Bresch, right?

Ultimately, Heather Bresch will continue to be questioned, continue to be investigated and, with the people whom are doing the investigating, will probably be investigated with tax returns and for fraud.  She will, one day, end up where she belongs, which won’t be on the golf course or on a private jet.  Of course, that won’t take the money away from her, but I don’t care how much money you have, when you’re the type of person Heather Bresch is, you’re just one of the greediest individuals to walk this planet.


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