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LeBron James…The Most Talented Whiner Ever

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LeBron James…The Most Talented Whiner Ever

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Let me start by saying LeBron James is an amazingly gifted individual.  Most of us could only dream of having his talents – no matter the sport!  But for all that talent, there’s a LeBron James that is simply nauseating.  Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more and going and getting more…whether that’s money, championships, etc.  If you want more and you’re willing to put in the effort, I’m all for it.  But when everyone knows you’re calling all of the front office shots for the Cleveland Cavaliers, who’s really to blame when you say you don’t have enough on your team?  I’ll tell you who…it’s you!  The Cavaliers are already spending everything LeBron has asked them to.  That’s in excess of $128 million, which is the most in the NBA.  The next highest is the Portland Trail Blazers at $112 million, which is kind of sad because Portland has nothing to show for it.  Even the Golden State Warriors – with all of their players, including picking up Kevin Durant last off season, is only at $99 million.  I know, I know, $99 million isn’t an “only” type number but it’s a far cry from $128 million!

Last year, the Cavaliers came back from a 3-1 deficit to beat the Warriors and earn their first title in franchise history.  That’s not just big, that’s huge!  That brought some relief to a city that’s been through the ringer when it comes to sports franchises.  While their Indians still have hope and remain competitive, the Browns have no chance.  But when you’re already spending $128 million and then have the audacity to not just tell your front office you need more to win, but do it publicly!!!  That’s takes nerve.  But, then again, is it the front office LeBron is bashing???  No…it’s himself.  He’s the one calling all the shots.  David Griffin may be the GM by title, but it’s LeBron doing his job.  LeBron simply tells Griffin what to do, Griffin turns to Cavs Owner, Dan Gilbert, Gilbert nods in approval and says, “Give him what he wants”, and the deal is done.  But blasting his own front office publicly wasn’t enough for LeBron.  He followed an initial tweet with a sort of apology tweet, which read:

“I not mad or upset at management cause Griff and staff have done a great job, I just feel we still need to improve in order to repeat …”

And then followed up that tweet with:

“If that’s what they want to do.”

What is that!?!???  So you’re going to tell me, you, LeBron James, don’t think your entire organization wants to win???  C’mon, man!  That’s ridiculous if I’ve ever heard it!  No one should even have to defend that kind of idiotic statement.

Look; it’s bad enough that LeBron would actually have the nerve to go to his front office and say something privately, but we’ve been through this before…in fact, we went through this last week in talking about Steelers WR Antonio Brown…You DON’T publicize something that’s supposed to be private.  Ultimately, it’s not the Cavs front office that should be ashamed nor embarrassed by what LeBron has done here.  It should be LeBron.  He’s the one who’s gotten everything he wants, he’s the one calling the shots, etc.  But with all of the flopping LeBron does, crying and whining on the court he does, and now publicly airing a grievance against himself, LeBron is not only going to have one of the worst tail-ends to one’s career, but he is only going to make it worse.  What do you think the media will say in a couple years when LeBron is no longer the LeBron James we all know now?  They’re going to have a field day with him and rightfully so.  When he can’t produce at amazing levels, what kind of exit do you think the Cavs will given him?  Moral of the story?  You Don’t Air Private Things Publicly…EVER.

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