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Being Your Own Biggest Fan

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Being Your Own Biggest Fan

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Watching sports as much as I do, you’re bound to see some odd things.  Take, for instance, the rash of NBA players whom are now celebrating their baskets before they even go in!!!  Worse yet, the baskets are missed!!!  I’m sorry, but if you need to celebrate making a basket…a single basket, you have immeasurably bad self-esteem, for one.  It can also be argued that you’re not that good.  Other than making a game-winning basket, did Michael Jordan celebrate a basket?  Did he ever celebrate a basket before seeing if it even went in?  Did he ever celebrate a basket that didn’t go in?  The answers are all “no”, by the way.

But, in today’s “cool” NBA, these players like to celebrate themselves and are always looking for the recognition.  But, as it has been said in the past, “let others do the celebrating for your deeds.”  Meaning, if you’re doing that well in something, others are going to praise you; you shouldn’t need to call attention to it, yourself.

The other night, in a game between the Charlotte Hornets and Phoenix Suns, Suns Guard, Leandro Barbosa celebrated just too darn early.  You can see the actual video footage here.

Obviously that’s a sad spectacle in and of itself.  Worse yet, Barbosa was essentially celebrating the pass he made!  Seriously?  You’re celebrating a pass?  You’re celebrating a play?  C’mon!  Try that in street ball and your next time down the court might be your last.  Sadly,  Barbosa’s miserable celebration isn’t the only one.  Here’s Nick Young, perhaps better known by the moronic nickname “Swaggy P”, celebrating a missed shot!  Click here to see the embarrassment.

Even worse, here’s LeBron James celebrating a missed Kyrie Irving 3-pointer!  Watch here as he runs confidently down the court with his hand raised high!

But we saved the best…or worst…for last.  Watch here why you should never celebrate things too early!

The moral of the story, if you’re going to celebrate, you better make sure it’s all over.  And, perhaps you should let others celebrate your good deeds rather than looking stupid!

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