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Don’t Expect of a Child What You Don’t Do Yourself

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Don’t Expect of a Child What You Don’t Do Yourself

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When you look at a child, it’s awesome to watch their reactions to things.  From their reaction to a puppy to their first glimpse at Disney World.  Kids are simply awesome when it comes to reactions.  But with kids comes the greatest responsibility at all.  We, as parents, are expected to turn little human beings into independent, functioning adults.  It’s not easy by any means but it’s a job we take on and a job you want to succeed at.

As a parent, I always find it interesting when I hear authority figures such as parents, teachers, etc. ask of a child something they, themselves, don’t do.  For example, if your child is throwing a temper-tantrum over a toy they can’t have, a parent might say, “We don’t act like that.  Calm down or else!”, but, put that parent (a grown adult) in the same situation, to where they hear news they don’t want to hear, and they, too, throw a temper-tantrum.  I’ve seen it happen and it’s interesting and sad at the same time.  As parents, we are role models to our children – around the clock.  For raising kids, there is no shut-off switch.  There are no lunch breaks.  There are no time-outs for parents.  Believe me when I tell you, as a parent, I screw up about a million times a day.  Stresses of work, stresses of home life and stresses in general can get to all of us.  But when our kids see us, as parents, go through struggles and tough times and yet still remain with a harmonious balance, it’s healthy for them.  But when they see their own parent or another authority figure have a temper-tantrum over not getting something they wanted; don’t ask the child to act differently.

Life is a roller coaster.  It’s never easy but it can be a lot of fun.  But do kids a favor, don’t ask them to do something you, yourself can’t do.

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