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The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo…It’s Just Good Business

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The Dallas Cowboys and Tony Romo…It’s Just Good Business

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I’m a big fan of the Pirates of the Caribbean films and, like the evil Lord Cutler Beckett said in “Pirates of the Caribbean:  At World’s End”, “It’s just…good business.”  Though no one knows yet what move the Dallas Cowboys will make with their former Starting Quarterback Tony Romo, it seems to just be good business in that Dak Prescott is now the face of the franchise.  Reports have recently surfaced saying that Romo feels “scorned” by the team (top to bottom) in that he was viewed as the face of the franchise until Dak Prescott stole the show and the entire team shifted to what Romo calls “Team Dak”.  But, that’s just good business.  Is Romo seriously whining about company loyalty???!!!  Since 2003, the Dallas Cowboys have rested on the all-too-often shoulders of Tony Romo.  He had taken them to the postseason but never truly presented any real threat to any other team when it came to getting to and even winning a Super Bowl for “America’s Team”.  Now he is acting surprised and amiss that the Cowboys see a possible Super Bowl in the future based on a truly gifted and amazing athlete in Dak Prescott.  Any NFL owner would be foolish to pass on the Dak Prescott train; especially Jerry Jones.

Since Romo was introduced to the Cowboys, there has been a special relationship with team owner, Jerry Jones.  Jones has always been the support system for Romo and even now it seems he’s struggling with the right way to handle this situation.  Just a couple months ago everyone was talking about how Romo would be released and given the outright opportunity to provide his talents to another NFL team…then Dallas took a step back and said they were going to trade him.  Jones now realizes, in this technological day and age when news spreads faster than ever before, no one in the NFL is going to offer a trade for Romo knowing quite well that the Cowboys are going to eventually release him.  Based on Jones’ relationship with Romo, and knowing how Romo is now personally feeling about his teammates as well as the organization, there is no possible way Jones can make Romo the backup behind Prescott for the 2017 NFL season.  Something of that nature would cause too much of a rift in the locker room and, being and looking as competitive as they currently do, it would hurt the Cowboys’ chances just too much.  Whether it’s true or not, Romo feels that he can truly provide talent and possibility to another franchise…possibly lead another team to a Super Bowl.

You can’t really feel bad for a guy that has made millions throughout his career and you can’t really expect the Cowboys to show particularly special loyalty in this situation.  In my mind, the Cowboys have shown great patience with Romo throughout his injury-riddled career and now need to move on to the future.  Show me a company out there that would treat this situation any differently.  It doesn’t even need to be in sports.  People get older, the younger are cheaper and can bring new, fresh talents into the workflow.  Something of that nature can be valuable.  While the business world is slightly different from sports in that as a player ages, he can’t do nearly as much, but a regular working professional ages, gains wisdom and can carry experience and know-how with a company, the two worlds still do collide in that younger, fresher prospects do offer companies a different look.  What exactly do you think will eventually happen with the New England Patriots and Tom Brady???  As much as we might hate to say it, Lord Cutler Beckett was right…It’s just good business.

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