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Think Before You Trend

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As they say, “life is circular”.  Everything comes around again.  That includes things like fashion, hair styles, history, etc.  It’s one of the main reasons we learn history in school.  That way, we don’t repeat the bad stuff.   In case you haven’t noticed, tattoos are definitely in trend right now.  Different than before, gender for tattoos doesn’t matter either.  And let’s face it, tattoos are cool.  I have tattoos.  I even, at one time, had a tattoo of the 1917 White Sox logo on my arm; hopeful that it would finally bring the White Sox a World Series Championship after a very, very, very long drought.  After the White Sox won the World Series in 2005 I covered it up with a tiki god, which I have an affinity for.

But tattoos are not always well thought out.  For instance, just the other a day, a Tennessee Titans fan chose not only to represent his favorite football team, but do so in a very, very odd way.

As seen in this photo, he chose to label the tattoo as “2017 AFC South Champions” and accompany those words with the logo of the Tennessee Titans.  First off, the normal saying is, “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars.”, not “keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for mediocrity.”  Now, some may argue that the Titans have been so non-competitive that winning the AFC South would be accomplishment enough for them; and it would.  But, if you look at the AFC South Division, it’s not exactly stacked with difficult teams to beat.

Most of the time, fans will simply get a logo of their favorite sports team.  If they are going to push the envelope, they may even get logos, which sport their team along with the roman numerals of the Super Bowl they won.  If they’re truly daring, they may even sport the roman numerals for an upcoming Super Bowl along with their favorite team and, in a way, calling them champions before the season even has begun!

This, for instance is silly.  Here are two tattoos, which show the Lions as Super Bowl Champions.  Why is this silly?  The Detroit Lions have never even been in a Super Bowl!!!


But what this most recent Tennessee Titans fan has done by aiming so low in life and calling his team the 2017 AFC South Champions prior to the season beginning is just a new low.  Remember, this is your body.  You get one for your entire life.  And while tattoos can be beautiful works of art and you can truly be happy with all of your tattoos, in this case, a body was used as a canvas for what I consider a garbage tattoo.  For instance, my son asks about getting a tattoo all the time.  I’m sure, when he’s of age, he’ll end up getting one.  That’s why my wife (whom is also tattooed) put an agreement in place with him from the get-go.  “You have to run it by us before you get an actual tattoo.”  For now he’s agreed with that.  We’ll see how the teenage years go!  My wife and I parent with a judge-free mentality.  We’ve told him such things as, “If you’re in high school or college and you drink illegally, no matter what time it is, call us and one of us will pick you up, no matter how far we have to drive and no matter the situation.  We’ll even drive your friends home and we won’t ask a single question or make a single comment.”  So, yeah; we’re OK with him, one day, getting a tattoo but we also want him to understand that tattoos are forever.  And that’s the thing to remember, tattoos are cool.  Tattoos are fun.  But only get a tattoo you know you can live with until the day you die.



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