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University of Louisville Defines The Term “Scam”

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University of Louisville Defines The Term “Scam”

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Louisville is an absolutely wonderful city.  Every time I’ve visited people have been pleasant, the views are always amazing and the city has simply wonderful things to offer.  But when University of Louisville sophomore, Jackson Logsdon made a layup, free throw, 3-point shot and half-court shot during halftime of the women’s home basketball game on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017, he should have been awarded a $38,000 prize but wasn’t!  Why? you ask…because apparently the fine print of the contest noted that you could not have played high school or college basketball in the past 6 years.  Logsdon played basketball in high school.  To me, that’s simply a scam.

First of all, if you think, even for a second, that playing basketball in high school or college in the past 6 years is going to allow you to consecutively hit a layup, free throw, 3-pointer and half court shot, you’re dead wrong.  Dead wrong.  With past basketball experience, I can grant you the layup and the free throw but not the 3-pointer or half court shot!  If it did guarantee such a thing, Logsdon would be on the University of Louisville men’s basketball team and would probably have a full athletic scholarship.  Breaking news:  He doesn’t.  He’s merely a student whom did something special at a game.

And while Logsdon wouldn’t win the prize, University of Louisville, based on Logsdon’s lucky success, would gain attention.  And don’t misunderstand me, universities are always looking to gain attention in order to attract the best and brightest students.

But I am sick and tired of this “fine print”.  Something has to be done about situations like this.  We find it in all kinds of industries and it’s pathetic.  If you have to put something in fine print, you’re doing something wrong.  Your hiding something.  Forget not being honest with the public, you’re simply not being honest with yourself!  Can you sleep at night with that?  Congrats, if you can!  I wish we could create a world where people and businesses were always honest.  I know, it’s a pipe dream and it will never happen because of such things as greed but I always laugh to myself when we expect our children to be honest and then can’t do the same thing as adults.  It happens all the times with schools.  They’ll ask children to behave in certain ways or to do certain things and yet will not do those certain things or behave in those certain ways themselves.  Why?  It’s purely hypocritical.  Do me a favor, don’t ask others to do something you can’t or are unwilling to do.  Don’t expect out of people you refuse to do.  Don’t expect people to behave in ways when you can’t do it yourself!  And stop trying to hide things.  Be fully transparent!  Be honest!  Be honest with yourself!  What the University of Louisville did to Jackson Logsdon was purely wrong.  Logsdon, by the way, stated that he never claimed he didn’t play previously.

As an update, according to ESPN.com, the university’s athletic department is now paying for Logsdon’s meal plan and books for the next two years but that’s still not enough.  Now, with egg on the face, University of Louisville is trying to save face but it’s simply not enough.  Logsdon deserves the prize and anything less is a joke.  The university has now become a joke.  And now, if you’re Jackson Logsdon, you have to wonder if your university really has your back.  Think about it, you go to a university for a higher education.  You go to a university in order to try and give yourself an opportunity to succeed in this world.  Your university is supposed to have your back.  Now, Logsdon’s university, the University of Louisville, which has been steeped in illegal accusations and penalties, is slapping one of their own students in the face.  Sad and pathetic if you ask me!

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