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ESPN…As Classless As Ever!

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ESPN…As Classless As Ever!

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Apparently ESPN is running out of true sports news to report on.  It has been reported by Yahoo! Sports that ESPN recruited former Chicago Cubs Pitcher, Rick Sutcliffe as well as newly retired Cubs Catcher, David Ross, for an upcoming commercial in regard to the Cubs banner-raising ceremony, which will be held on April 10th, 2017.  The bad part of this is that, in their creative (or lack thereof) ways, ESPN decided to use a Steve Bartman look-a-like in the commercial.  First off, let me clarify something, Steve Bartman never played for the Cubs and therefore, didn’t have anything to do with them losing a National League Championship Series game against the Florida Marlins back in 2003.  What was meant to happen, happened and that is all.  Hear me out…every single fan whom sits in the front row of any baseball stadium would’ve done exactly the same thing Bartman did, which was to go after a foul ball.  It was only when Cubs Outfielder, Moises Alou decided to throw a temper-tantrum that the Cubs began to fall apart.  Ultimately, that should be a lesson to all of us during times some might consider a “crisis”.  The more you flip out and freak out, the more you yell, whine, and moan, the more likely you are to have everything get exponentially worse.  The calmer you are, the more likely you are to think rationally and control the situation.  Steve Bartman merely went after a foul ball and that was all.  It was the Cubs players that blew a lead, fell apart and ultimately blew a chance to go to the World Series.

Immediately after Bartman was thrust into the national spotlight people were going after him.  A guy whom was, at one time, an avid, die-hard Cubs fan, could no longer be a Cubs fan.  He couldn’t even go out in public anymore!  He was chastised by an entire city as well as an entire fanbase because, well, many people are pathetic and stupid and have nothing better to do with their lives than to judge others rather than judge themselves.  Even today, you won’t find Steve Bartman.  He doesn’t want anything to do with the public eye.  And thanks to ESPN, his life just got a touch worse.

As I mentioned earlier in this writing, none of this was Steve Bartman’s fault…NONE.  But that didn’t prevent ESPN’s television show hosts from making a mockery of someone whom never belonged, nor wanted to ever be on ESPN.  He never asked about this but they saw the opportunity to get attention and attention in television means dollars.  That’s what we call GREED.  But think of ESPN as an ignorant adult, if you will.  For instance, do we publicly hear about allegations against Chris Berman, Steve Phillips, Jamele Hill or countless other ESPN anchors whom have done things perhaps wrong?  No.  Because ESPN isn’t in the business of holding itself accountable.  ESPN is in the business of pointing the finger at others and laughing to the point dollars fly out of their pocket.

Now ESPN has this commercial that will air on their sad, tired networks and will show a Steve Bartman replica, which by the way, I have to imagine is a lawsuit just waiting to happen!  For instance, do you know of a situation where a company could just use your likeness as they please, whenever they want, without your permission?  I don’t know of one.  In fact, look up Michael Jordan and the grocery store chain Dominick’s.  When you look that up, you’re going to find where Dominick’s illegally used Michael Jordan’s likeness in an ad, which he never approved.  Not that he needed the money, but Jordan was awarded $8.9 Million in that settlement and Dominick’s went out of business.  And rightfully so, I might add.  Now you have a really major company…owned by the Walt Disney Company…whom is using someone’s likeness illegally.  I don’t know about you, but, with all of the money, viewers and sponsorship ESPN has been losing lately, I could see the Walt Disney Company simply cutting ties with a network that has completely lost its touch with people.

Shame on you, ESPN.  Shame on you to the 10th degree.  Your creative team made a terrible decision and I, for one, am hoping you pay dearly.  I think Twitter feels the same way…Check out some reaction on Twitter about this stupid decision.  These are courtesy of Yahoo! Sports:


This is a low blow by ESPN! – People are angry about ESPN’s new ad featuring Steve Bartman lookalike

  • @Sara_Dewberry


@espn Are you serious?  Leave Bartman alone, everyone else has moved on.  Lost respect for @D_Ross3 as well for participating in that ad.

  • @Twoodworth7


@espn I hope bartman sues you guys for cashing in on his likeness.  You guys are absurd.

  • @1p21Designs


And there are plenty more where those came from!  In my mind, ESPN just hit an all-time low.  Let’s see if they report that as a new record on Sportscenter tonight.


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