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Grieving For Aaron Hernandez is Grieving Incorrectly

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Grieving For Aaron Hernandez is Grieving Incorrectly

Posted By how2media

Let me begin by saying that I have no grief for Aaron Hernandez.  I also have no grief for those whom continuously defend Aaron Hernandez.  Aaron Hernandez will go down in the history books as a murderer before he goes down as a professional football player.  Aaron Hernandez will also go down in the history books as a troubled person that couldn’t right the ship.

It has been nearly a week since Hernandez took the coward’s way out of his life sentence in the murdering of an innocent Odin Lloyd.  It has been nearly a week since Hernandez finally had to face reality…a reality he was too weak to handle.  I don’t care how you chalk it up, Hernandez was being punished for a crime he was convicted of carrying out.  He was found guilty.  To have remorse for a monstrous creature such as Hernandez is to be a fan of murder, which is obviously sick and twisted in its own right.

One of the dumbest things is that right now Hernandez’ lawyer and the media are in a fight of words right now over Hernandez’ sexuality, based on 3 apparent letters he left upon his cowardly suicide.  Let me fill you in, Hernandez’ sexuality really doesn’t matter at all.  While the media will report on just about anything in order to get their audience, Hernandez’ lawyer is blaming the media for trying to destroy a man’s credibility.  But really?  I would think your credibility would be ruined as soon as you killed someone and ended their life.

But the biggest atrocity going on with Hernandez right now is that he was found to have drugs in his system at the time of his death.  That means it was provided to him in prison.  Based on protections Hernandez was receiving in prison, one has to believe that he was provided these drugs with someone of authority having full knowledge of the situation.  It is said Hernandez had a drug called “K2” in his system, which is a synthetic form of marijuana.  It is known for causing great hallucinations and has been known to lead to suicide among users.  So you’re telling me, with all of these guards in the prison, no one would smell Hernandez using K2?  Really?  And yet in the midst of all of this, no one is talking about running an investigation as to who may have known Hernandez was using drugs in a federal prison?  That’s the biggest crock of all!!!  Someone, if not many, knew of Hernandez’ drug use and prison and someone, if not many, authority figures may have had a hand in providing it to him.  That means that these guards and prison officials whom are responsible for keeping prisoners safe and maintaining a system, failed.  They failed miserably.  Where’s the accountability???  I’ll tell you where…there is none!  Remember how people in school would say if A+B=C then C-B=A?  If you use that same exact logic with this situation, one could say that the Massachusetts prison system is a failure, a joke and is participating in known criminal activity.  This also means that authority figures should not only be held accountable but also be locked up in that same prison.  Will it happen?  No.  The media and Hernandez’ lawyers are too stupid and too caught up in talking about what the sexuality of a now-dead, coward murderer is!  Go ahead and tell me priorities aren’t out of order!

Please understand, the American prison system is an absolute joke.  I mean it…It’s a joke beyond words.  It’s a joke because the American Prison is purely in place to punish people instead of rehabilitate people.  Could Hernandez be rehabilitated?  Not to the point of ever being released from prison, but yes…he could have gained more of an education…he could have counseled others…he could have done something.  And it goes this way for countless prisoners.  This is the main reason many prisoners find themselves right back in prison.  Prison is a place where all rights and all abilities are taken away from individuals and then, upon release, they are thrown right back in the world…to the wolves.  For some, prison is all they know and all they can trust.  And in it all, prisons are making money…laughable money.  They profit more times than you can ever imagine!  Do you really think prisons would be happy if they decreased in population?  NO WAY.  People would flip.  That’s like the equivalent to automobile manufacturers finally releasing and selling cars that didn’t need oil and gas and could only function off water.  Let me tell you something…these things already are out there.  We have the capabilities.  But we don’t get to see the results because oil and gas companies are in too much control.  Prisons, too, are in too much control.  Don’t get me wrong, some people belong in prison.  Some people are truly the scum of the Earth and simply belonged rotting away in prison.  But even those people can bring something to others; even if it’s bringing knowledge to others within the prison system.

People,  Aaron Hernandez’ sexuality doesn’t matter.  Not one iota.  It does, however, matter that Aaron Hernandez was able to have access to drugs in a truly flawed and criminal Massachusetts prison system and that not one individual of authority will be investigated on the matter.  It does matter because prisons are riddled with cameras and the authority figures may be just as corrupt and criminal as the prisoners filling the prison.

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