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If You Can’t Take Losing, Start Winning

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If You Can’t Take Losing, Start Winning

Posted By how2media

I don’t like to say “Win or Lose”, instead, I like to say “Win or Learn”, but watching some of these NBA games lately has shown me that some people, and some teams, do have loser mentalities, which is like a disease.  Figure this, no matter whether you’re talking about sports or the business world, if you have a loser mentality, that’s going to spread like wildfire among your peers and will certainly bring down an entire team.  If you have a positive mentality, that, too, can spread like wildfire and being up an entire team.  The loser mentality I’m referring to in the NBA is the sad fights and whining I have seen over the course of the last week from the Washington Wizards as well as the Toronto Raptors.

For the Wizards, they were playing the Warriors when JaVale McGee shot a late 3-pointer.  The Warriors won the game 139-115 and the Wizards players took exception by calling the play by McGee, “Disrespectful”.  Now, don’t misunderstand me, I get it; there’s such a thing as “pouring it on”.  It’s certainly not the nice thing to do in a situation where you’re getting blown out but c’mon…seriously???!!!  You’re going to whine about a guy shooting a 3-pointer when you’re already getting killed???!!!  You know the remedy to that?  WIN!  When you’re getting blown out, you have no room to do complaining about anything.  The only thing you have to complain about is yourself and your team!  Frankly, I don’t care if the Wizards felt disrespected.  If they don’t like it, they should work harder.  As you can tell, I don’t like complaining.  I also think this shows us proof that there are winners and losers out there.  For instance, in sports, you have a team that wins or loses but there’s something to be said about winning humbly and losing with grace and honor.  In this case, perhaps the Warriors didn’t win humbly but the Wizards also didn’t lose with grace nor honor.  Now, one could argue that the Wizards would have acted with grace and honor had the Warriors won humbly, however, life doesn’t always go the way you want it to.  That means, you have to adapt.  That goes for anything in life.  If you can’t adapt, you’d better get out of the way!

The second time I saw this same situation in the NBA this week was with the return of Lance Stephenson for the Indiana Pacers when they played the Raptors and Stephenson went about making a layup though his team was already up by 15 points.  Keep in mind, the pacers mounted a huge comeback in this game and the adrenaline was pumping.  But again, I don’t feel bad for the Raptors in this situation.  You want a different outcome?  Create one!  Don’t sit there and complain about people and/or teams being disrespectful.  Complain about your play, learn what you could have done differently and then go out and do it.

This sign of mental weakness in the NBA is a sign of the times.  Things have to be all flowers and rainbows and kittens and puppies.  You have to carefully watch your actions, carefully watch what you say and worry about how everyone else feels all the time.  I’m sorry, but that’s not realistic.  We already know you’re going to upset at least 1 person all of the time.  There is absolutely no way to make everyone happy.  I’m not saying for anyone out there to be a bad or disrespectful individual, but if people can’t take reality, then they are the ones that need the help!  I’m sorry but we’ve gotten to the point where professional adults are just too weak.  I don’t care what anyone says, that kind of softness is a loser mentality.  That’s plain and simply what it is.  Again, you don’t like the outcome of something?  Then go ahead and evaluate what went wrong, on your side, understand how you can improve, and then go out there and just do!

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