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Learn From Sports But Don’t Live & Die By Sports

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Learn From Sports But Don’t Live & Die By Sports

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I love sports.  No longer am I at the point in my life where I allow sports to rule my life and no longer do I miss opportunities to get out of the house because I’m too busy watching sports but I still love sports all the time.  The biggest problem I find with sports is when people latch onto sports to such a degree that it interferes with their normal lives.


When I was younger…

When I was younger, I would actually not leave the home if one of my teams was on TV.  I would freeze time and simply sit on the couch and watch my teams play.  If they won I would be in a terrific mood.  If they lost I would be in a terrible mood until they played and won again.  Looking back on it, it was a terrible way to conduct my life.  Not to mention how bad it was for a social life!  It was sad that I would allow sports to control my emotions and would affect those around me.


As I got older…

A lot happens as you get older.  Some good, some bad.  One of the good things (in my opinion) was learning and realizing that sports didn’t rule my life.  For instance, while I do like to watch my teams on television, no longer do I make watching my teams play a top priority.  Instead, I want to be out and be active.  Especially with today’s technology, I don’t need to sit there and watch my teams play.  And, “NO”, I most definitely do not watch my teams play from my phone or any other mobile device.  When I’m away from home, whether it’s with friends or family, I’m spending time with them – not my team.


Why did I come to this realization?

I’m big on psychology and sociology.  I really like understanding how the mind works.  For instance, if I personally don’t know how to do something, I have the personality where I’m going to learn how to do that thing and do it really, really well.  It makes me feel useful.  I can’t tell you exactly when, but one day I came to the realization that my life was being ruled by sports.  The answer to “why?” is an easy one for me personally.  I was raised in a sports-loving household.  Most of the teams I was raised on, and still root for today, are terrible teams and that gave me a sort of pride that I don’t assume many get.  I enjoyed rooting for my teams, even when they were bad, because no one could ever tell me I was a bandwagon fan.  Growing up in a sports-loving household, I was taught to relate sports into the business world and I could easily see the correlation.  In fact, I still resort back to sports when conducting business.  For me, it just makes sense and blends well.  Sports are also what got me through my struggles with mathematics!  For instance, in college, I truly wasn’t sure if I could pass enough mass classes in order to garner the credits in order to graduate.  But, with thanks to baseball and billiards, I was able to easily pass statistics and geometry.  But somewhere along the line, I took sports too far – almost like an addition.  And it became just too much.  I think it was my affinity for my favorite of all time, the Chicago White Sox.  While the White Sox have always pretty much been competitive throughout my life, they had never won a world series.  I’m not even going to tell you the stupid things I would do because of my superstitious ways, in order to “help” the White Sox win and get a world series title.  Finally, in 2005, my dream came true and they won the world series.  Shortly after that, I paused and realized how sad I was with allowing my teams to have such a profound impact on my life.  In truth, it was silly and sad.  Did I have anything to do with them winning the world series?  NO.  Did I have anything to do with them winning at all?  NO.  Essentially, I was just a fan of a team.  I’m not saying I’m still not a fan – I am.  I consider myself a die-hard fan of the White Sox and all my teams but it’s not like my teams are my kids.  And while I still use sports in business to this day and will until the end of my life, no longer will I allow my life to be ruled by wasting days on the couch to root on a team that doesn’t even know I exist.

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