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Making History Creates Sad Jealousy

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Making History Creates Sad Jealousy

Posted By how2media

Becca Longo made history recently by becoming the first female in the United States to sign a national college letter of intent to play football at an NCAA Division I or II school.  She will play next year at Adams State University in Alamosa, Colorado.

From the sound of it, all sounds good, right?  WRONG.  While it is a true accomplishment for the Basha High School graduate whom made 30 of 33 extra points in her as a Senior, the problem came by way of social media.  Reading the comments online became terrible.  Here are some of the things people on Facebook had to say:


     If you can hang with the big boys, good for ya, but when you get the #*&$ knocked      out of you or someone touches you in the wrong place during a tackle, shut up and go on to the locker room and cry about it, we don’t want to hear it. – Ronnie Wilkinson


     Has she always been a female?  These days you can’t assume anything.  – JT Allen


     Are we sure she’s a girl, or is she actually a Guy claiming to be a girl?  Because that seems to be the norm all of a sudden. – Josh Parsons


     But can she make a sandwich? – Havi Herrera


     Sorry but woman should stay in their leagues. – Dana Marier



So, here’s an individual that earned an accolade and yet, because people get jealous and  have to make lewd comments such as questioning whether she used to be a guy???  I just don’t understand it.  The funny thing is that the individuals whom I named above along with their comments don’t even realize that their comments are public domain.  Meaning, you can use what they’ve said in writing on Facebook and use their names and the two will forever be linked.  That is one of the major things people forget when they write something in social media.  We’ve all been there in wanting to write something terrible but that’s when you need to take a moment and think about consequences.  Is it really worth having your name attached to something that may hurt you later?  Is it worth hurting your reputation just to put your two cents in?  Whatever happened to people not saying anything if they didn’t have anything nice to say?  Why can’t people be happy for other people?  Those questions delve into Psychology.  For instance, if we looked at it from a psychological perspective, we could say that the commenters perhaps grew up without a mom, didn’t spend as much time with their mom as they had hoped, grew up with an authoritative father, had stupid parents, or any other number of reasons.  Perhaps their jealousy stems from their own shortcomings in life.  But, no matter the reason, the fact is that so long as you work hard in life, no one can take what you do away from you.  Why people have to express jealousy and sadness over someone else’s accomplishments is well beyond my ability to reason.  But, this is one of the negative sides of Facebook; it gives those whom shouldn’t be heard, a platform for speaking their minds and expressing their unwanted opinions.  Don’t get me wrong, Facebook can be a good and friendly social media site, however, if you think I really care what food you’re eating, what restaurant you are visiting or the last time you went to the bathroom, I don’t.  In fact, I couldn’t care less.  Personally, I’m happy for Becca and wish her nothing but the best.  I just wish people could remember, we’re here on Earth for a short time.  Why cloud that time by judging other people, getting jealous and being dumb?  Think about it.


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