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Plain & Simple, Lavar Ball is Racist

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Plain & Simple, Lavar Ball is Racist

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It certainly took LaVar Ball long enough to come out with an explanation as to why UCLA lost during the 2017 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament.  Remember, Ball, the father of UCLA player Lonzo Ball as well as two high school athletes, guaranteed a UCLA championship.  Yeah, well that didn’t happen.  But, the over-cocky, arrogant and seemingly not too intelligent LaVar Ball came out with a true stunner of an explanation.

In an article by Clay Fowler of the Daily News, Ball said, “You can’t win no championships with three white guys because the foot speed is too slow.” 

First off, nice English, LaVar.  Secondly, we ask ourselves why racism still exists, right?!  I don’t care the color of one’s skin, racism can stem from anybody, anywhere.  Personally, I don’t look at color.  The color of my skin doesn’t matter nor does the color of anyone else’s skin matter.  I have friends from all walks of life, all skin colors, all religions, etc.  What matters to me is pretty simple…either you’re a good person or a bad person.  To me, a bad person is one whom lies or does things to hurt other people.  Like I said, pretty simple.  But when you have the mindset of a person like LaVar Ball, you have a mindset that is problematic on so many levels.

The first level of problems is for UCLA.  Here is a school that has a solid reputation, both inside and outside the classroom.  It is comprised of diverse students from all walks of life, religions and backgrounds.  It is truly a fine place to earn a degree and to associate your name with.  It doesn’t have a place for people like LaVar Ball.

The second level of problems is for Ball’s three children; especially Lonzo Ball since he has opted for this year’s NBA Draft and will be headed to the NBA this year.  Though a talented player, Lonzo Ball is no Michael Jordan.  Plus, what team is going to want to put up with the mouth of a player’s father?  Let me ask you, do you know of an employer whom would put up with the mouth of an employee’s father?  I don’t think so.

The third level of problems is for LaVar Ball himself.  Here is a guy that is riding his ill spoken words right into a possible job with the ever fading ESPN.  ESPN is treating Ball like a superstar because he can’t seem to shut his yap and has recently featured him on a couple of their programs!  To them, that kind of reality TV is something people will follow just to see what this guy says next.  But, thanks to Ball’s most recent, racist comments, I would imagine ESPN is at least smart enough to ditch him altogether and just let him drown himself out.

Yes, we always knew we were going to receive an explanation from LaVar Ball as to why UCLA lost during the tournament.  Some of us actually thought he might own up to the fact that Lonzo Ball only scored 10 points and was really not a factor during the game.  But I don’t think any of us actually expected him to say something racist.  Keep in mind, if roles were reversed and a white parent said this about black players, the entire world would be going nuts.  But I don’t care which side racism comes from, racism is a learned thing.  For example, if you ask a child about the color of someone’s skin, they don’t see it.  And in my mind, kids are the greatest judge of character.  For example, there was recently a story of a little girl who was shopping and was buying a doll.  The girl was white and 2 years old.  She was buying a black doll whom was dressed in a doctor’s outfit.  When questioned about her choice of the doll by the cashier, she responded that the doll was beautiful like her and a doctor like her.

So the next time you feel like listening to LaVar Ball, just remember you’re hearing those words from a racist.  And the next time you feel like purchasing something from LaVar Ball’s company, just remember you’re donning the apparel of a racist person’s company.

Let’s be more like children.  Let’s not see skin color.  Let’s see what’s inside of a person.  Don’t be a moron.  Don’t be LaVar Ball.

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