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United Airlines. and The “Not So Friendly Skies”

How 2 Media blog posts United Airlines. and The “Not So Friendly Skies”

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United Airlines. and The “Not So Friendly Skies”

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By now, you’ve heard all too well about how a passenger was randomly selected to be removed from a flight from Chicago to Louisville.  United Airlines needed room on their flight for employees and since no one was volunteering, they took matters in their own hands.

First off, if you were to drive from Chicago to Louisville, it would take you approximately 5 hours.  Sorry, but that’s nothing detrimental.  Here’s where United, whom is responsible for making the mistake of overbooking a flight, should have simply placed their employees in a car and had them start driving.

Second, this is what happens when a company gets too big for their own good.  In case you’ve never had the privilege of dealing with a company of huge size, they usually are staffed with more employees that have no idea what they are doing, rather than the opposite.  In the rare case the employees are all competent in their respective jobs, good luck finding an employee who’s willing to “reach for the stars”, if you will.  In general, you have people that have a condescending attitude whom believe they are better than you and believe that the company does not need you.

Third, this is what happens when you have a CEO that doesn’t belong in the position they are in.  For example, United Airlines CEO Oscar “the grouch” Munoz actually defended the action of his airline by saying the following:

“This situation was unfortunately compounded when one of the passengers we politely asked to deplane refused and it became necessary to contact Chicago Aviation Security Officers to help.  Our employees followed established procedures for dealing with situations like this.  While I deeply regret this situation arose, I also emphatically stand behind all of you, and I want to commend you for continuing to go above and beyond to ensure we fly right.  Treating our customers and each other with respect and dignity is at the core of who we are.”

In truth, Munoz will soon find out that his words are simply fodder and nothing more.  If Munoz truly understood the scope of the situation, it would have turned out differently.  What Munoz will deeply regret is that he just wrote a check he, himself can’t simply cash.  For example, United’s stock has nose-dived thanks to this.  You think board members will be pleased with losing money?  Guess again.

The best we, as consumers, can do is to simply stop spending money on companies that are too big for their own good and simply don’t care about their customers.  Let’s face it, just as there are multiple companies in all industries, there are other airlines customers can and should go to.  If customers stop spending money on United Airlines, United Airlines goes out of business, Oscar “the grouch” Munoz gets fired and we can laugh in the end.  We, as consumers, can get smarter about things and not allow companies to believe they are better than the people that keep them in business.  Let’s just be lucky United Airlines didn’t start throwing passengers from the plane mid-flight.  Is that next???

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