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Why Bees Are So Important To Us

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Why Bees Are So Important To Us

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Back in late 2016, honeybees were added to the U.S. endangered species list.  Based on this, you might be thinking that’s not a huge deal, but stick with me for a second and let’s see why it is a huge deal.  If you don’t know by now, I’m a science geek at heart.  Science is truly what makes this world great.   As most of us know, honeybees do as their name says…create honey.  And honey is important to us in so many ways.  First, honey is used as a food source for humans.  But, well beyond food, honey is used in so many medicines throughout the entire world, it would make your head spin!

Do you suffer from allergies?  honey can fight allergies!  For instance, I suffer from allergies and I purchase a specific honey called “Orange Blossom Honey”, which features actual bee pollen.  I take one tablespoon each morning and nothing more.  In doing so, I am ingesting localized bee pollen and helping add to my immune system.  By doing this, my immune system grows stronger in the fight against pollen and other outdoor allergies.  Without honeybees, we don’t have natural honey.  Without natural honey, we can’t help fight allergies locally and, instead, we are stuck with what the pharmaceutical companies hold us hostage to.  Thus, with the help of the honeybee, we can actually avoid having to go to the doctor, we can avoid pharmaceutical drugs and we can live more naturally.

Honey is also an amazing healer of wounds.  For instance, we pay millions of dollars each year on medicines to heal our open wounds.  But things like natural aloe (from the plant) as well as honey, both help in healing wounds better than any product you can purchase over-the-counter or otherwise.  The reason we spend millions on over-the-counter drugs and medicines is because no one teaches us that we don’t really need to rely on such medicines.  Natural medicines such as honey, which, believe it or not, are still used many of the over-the-counter drugs and medicines you purchase, even today!!!  Go take a look!  Thus, you and I are being scammed into believing we actually need to purchase a drug or medicine in order to get better!  That’s ridiculous!

In addition to creating honey, honeybees also pollinate flowers, which not only beautify the Earth, but also serve as nutrients to the animals that are part of our diets!  Without the honeybee, those animals would suffer as their own nutrient supply would be greatly reduced, if not eliminated altogether.  What do you think happens if cows run out of fresh, healthy grass to eat???!!!  By that time, I’m sure big-wig companies will artificially produce cows but what exactly will you be eating?  I don’t know about you, but I don’t even trust this GMO (genetically-modified) stuff.

Ultimately, we NEED honeybees.  They truly help our world in more ways than you can ever know.  You want to really help the planet?  Start by helping the honeybee!

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