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Aaron Hernandez is Laughing at Massachusetts

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Aaron Hernandez is Laughing at Massachusetts

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As beautiful a state as Massachusetts is, it has now clouded itself in pure ugliness, thanks to its recent abatement of Aaron Hernandez’ previous guilty verdict in the murder of Odin Lloyd.  That’s right…you heard me correctly.  Because the coward murderer known as Aaron Hernandez killed himself in prison, an old Massachusetts law allows his judgement of murder to be abated (removed) from court records.  What does this mean?  It means the New England Patriots may, in fact, owe Hernandez millions of dollars, believe it or not!  Some speculate (including this very opinionated writer) that Hernandez understood the old law of Massachusetts and upon writing one of an alleged 3 “suicide notes”, called to the old law of Massachusetts when he wrote to his former fiance, “YOU’RE RICH”.  Currently, Hernandez’ estate is work $0.00000000.  Why would he say to his former fiance that she’s rich?  Obviously he understood the washed up law, which for some unknown reason Massachusetts and Judge Susan Garsh still follow.  And seriously, Judge Susan Garsh???  What does this say for Odin Lloyd’s life, which was cut short when Hernandez shot him 6 times and killed him?  What does this say to Odin Lloyd’s family?  What does this say about Susan Garsh’s ability to perform her duties as a judge?  What’s next?  Are we going to start throwing people in jail for not carrying a rifle to church on Sunday???  So you know, that is still considered a law in Massachusetts!!!  Just in case you find yourself in front of Judge Susan Garsh at some point in your life, here’s a website, which lists out laws that Massachusetts hasn’t found the time to move on from…click here.

But what’s truly disturbing at all of this is that it technically allows a murderer to no longer be considered a murderer.  So you understand, the abatement law allows for a conviction to be removed if the convicted dies in prison while his or her conviction is in the appeals process.  So, what you’re telling me is that not only is no one in Massachusetts intelligent enough to remove this old law but they couldn’t even consider suicide in this law?  As we all know, even if you have life insurance, if you kill yourself, you don’t get the life insurance pay-out.  Why?  Because that would obviously motivate people to kill themselves.  This, too, motivates cowards like Aaron Hernandez to take the easy way out.  No.  to me, and in the minds of any sane individual, Aaron Hernandez will always be a murderer and will always be a coward.  Nothing changes that.  The only silver lining in all of this is that prosecutors will now try and appeal this situation and have it reversed.  If Hernandez’ family does, however, end up getting money and getting paid from the Patriots, rest assured that there are still pending civil trials in the accused Hernandez murders of Odin Lloyd, Daniel de Abreau and Safiro Furtado (quite a list Hernandez built up in his short scumbag life!).  You can bet that all of those families will come after every single penny the Hernandez family ever sees.

Moral of the story…come join us in the 21st century, Massachusetts.

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