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Is LaVar Ball Over-Parenting?

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Is LaVar Ball Over-Parenting?

Posted By how2media

With the results in from the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery, the top 5 of the field looks like this:

1:  Boston Celtics

2:  Los Angeles Lakers

3:  Philadelphia 76ers

4:  Phoenix Suns

5:  Sacramento Kings


With the Lakers having the 2nd pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, they are expected to take Lonzo Ball.  That’s perfectly fine if you want to select him as a team, but to me, it’s far more about the way his father, LaVar Ball, responds to questions about his son and how his father makes statements on behalf of his son.  Here’s what LaVar Ball had to say on behalf of his son, after the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery was over:

“That’s all we working out for is the Lakers,” LaVar Ball told Lakers Nation. “Just the Lakers. There’s nobody else that we need to work out for.  The Lakers make the playoffs as soon as my boy gets there,”.


Please understand, as parents, our job is to raise individuals whom are able to accomplish anything.  As parents, it is perfectly fine to always be there for your children and to be a safety net.  But when was the last time your mom or dad started making statements on your behalf?  When was the last time your parents sought out the spotlight on behalf of you?  For Lonzo Ball – a talented young basketball player with promise of possible stardom, this is his everyday life.  Lonzo Ball doesn’t have his own voice…he doesn’t get to make up his own mind on things (or so it would seem from an outside perspective).  He doesn’t get to answer questions geared towards him.  His father does all of that for him.  It’s as though LaVar Ball doesn’t trust his son enough to function in life.  Psychologically, that tells me that LaVar Ball doesn’t feel as though he did a good job at raising Lonzo Ball.  Does LaVar still do Lonzo’s laundry?  Does he read him bedtime stories?  Does Lonzo have a curfew?  Where does it end?

Again, as parents, our job is to raise and protect our children and always provide them a safety net.  But our job as parents is to feel confident enough in our children that, when they become adults, they will be wise enough and responsible enough to act like adults.  At Lonzo Ball’s age, he can speak for himself.  At his age, he can answer questions.  At his age, he can also turn to his father and politely draw a line and say, “Dad, I’ve got this.”  But he doesn’t.  Any time I see this young man walk by himself, I see a man who carries no confidence with him.  Does he have basketball talent?  Yes.  But he’s nowhere close to where I would hope my children would be at his age, in terms of confidence and self esteem.  Lonzo Ball has a talent but Lonzo Ball also carries the burden of a helicopter parent whom won’t let him live his own life.  We become smarter when we learn from our mistakes.  I believe we become even smarter when we learn from the mistakes of others.  In this case, all of us need to learn form the mistakes LaVar Ball is making with his son.

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