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The Price Of Trying To Be A Celebrity

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The Price Of Trying To Be A Celebrity

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In today’s technological and social media age, many people become overnight sensations.  We hear about many people becoming famous through social media and we hear nothing but the good.  But there’s a dark side to all of this…more than one…and there are far more people that are doing stupid things to “try” and become social media celebrities and failing than those whom are successful.

Michael and Heather Martin

Michael and Heather Martin are the owner/operators of their own respective YouTube channels.  One is titled “DaddyOFive” and the other is “MommyOFive”.  Following some controversial postings, which featured significant backlash from viewers, The Martin’s children have been taken out of their custody.  Presently, the Frederick County Sheriff’s Department is currently investing while Child Protective Services is running their own investigation.  While the Martins claim some of their pranks were staged and had the children acting, it’s clear they were trying too hard to become celebrities via social media.  Because of this, they forgot how to be parents and cared more about the “high” they were getting through subscribers and views.

The Lesson

While there are countless stories of failed attempts for people to become celebrities, social media offers something that has never been open to the public before…an opportunity for anyone to become a celebrity.  Gone are the days where you move to Hollywood, wait tables and hope to get an acting job.  Now you have anyone and everyone trying for overnight success.  But, just as there’s really no replacement nor easy money for having a solid job and steady paycheck, money doesn’t grow on trees.  And, if things were easy, everyone would do them!  In life, there are consequences…both for good and bad.  In this case, the Martin’s consequence was losing custody of their children.  The lesson here is to stride carefully with social media.  In today’s world, kids have access to the public like never before.  But there are dangers out there for both children and adults to avoid.  Sadly, these are dangers neither children nor adults look at until it’s too late.  Very rarely do people even think about consequences let alone dangers.  But that doesn’t mean they’re not there.  For instance, if you are an adult, imagine being 16 again.  Imagine posting images or videos of things you did when you were 16.  Imagine years later being turned down at a job interview because of posting such things.  While it’s a reality many adults can’t even imagine, it does actually occur!  As parents, and as what I hope are responsible adults, we need to look out for the safety of our children in this dangerous digital world.  We can’t be wasting our time trying to become overnight sensations on social media, only to have terrible consequences occur.

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