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Russell Westbrook Won The MVP…But Nobody Realized It!

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Russell Westbrook Won The MVP…But Nobody Realized It!

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Let me catch you up on something…Russell Westbrook is the 2017 NBA MVP.  It was announced last night at the NBA Awards Show.  Mimicking how the NHL does an awards show after the season is complete, the NBA tried their hand at an after-season awards show and…well…everyone forgot about it!

Call it one of the poorest jobs of advertising the 21st Century has ever seen, or just call it a debacle, the NBA Awards Show lost its audience in a terrible fashion.  I say this because a few months ago, every single sports reporter and sports program in America was debating on whom would win the 2017 NBA MVP Award.  They were debating about Westbrook, James Harden, Kawhi Leonard and LeBron James.  A few months ago, this debate was truly relevant and it was getting exciting!  People were into it.  Then we went into the playoffs and Westbrook and Harden actually played each other!  Kawhi Leonard got hurt and the Spurs season sank!  And then LeBron James found another super easy Eastern Conference path to the Finals only to lose terribly to the Golden State Warriors…and then the season was over.  After the Warriors won, Kevin Durant was named the 2017 NBA Finals MVP and the Warriors had their parade and everybody shifted their focus to such things as the NCAA College World Series, Major League Baseball and the upcoming NFL season.  One thing people unanimously also did was forget about basketball.  They had basketball since October and now it was mid June.  Summer was here and people were ready to go back outside.  In the midst of it all, the NBA’s Awards Show happened and well…maybe people were in the pool…maybe they were enjoying the warm summer nights…or maybe they realized all of this talk was in the past.  No matter what they were doing with their time, it was spent doing something obviously more satisfying than finding out which players won awards from a season already done.  Listen…the NHL does a lot of things right but one of them is NOT their after-season awards show.  But, the NBA chose to follow it and then completely failed at reminding people.  That’s what I call bad business.

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