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University of University of Tampa Professor Teaches Us All A Lesson…Outside The Classroom!

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University of University of Tampa Professor Teaches Us All A Lesson…Outside The Classroom!

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Let me begin by saying that your views don’t matter to anyone but yourself.  You are 100% free to have any opinion you’d like but you have to be very careful with whom you share your views with.  I will start this blog by mentioning that we and I are not writing a political blog nor do we care to at all.  But if you’re Ken Storey, you just taught us all a very valuable lesson!  Ken Storey is a professor of sociology at the University of Tampa.  On Sunday, Professor Storey tweeted the following, in the wake of Hurricane Harvey:

“I don’t believe in instant karma but this kinda feels like it for Texas.  Hopefully this will help them realise the GOP doesn’t care about them.”

First, let’s start with the fact that Professor Storey’s tweet was done in the wake of a storm.  To wish bad on people whom are suffering is just about the dumbest thing an individual could ever do.  Secondly, and most importantly, Mr. Storey’s view just made us realize that even though he would later apologize, you can NEVER REMOVE SOMETHING FROM THE INTERNET.  Once you write it…once you post it…it’s there FOREVER.  This is something Mr. Storey not only shamed himself on, but he also shamed his workplace, his family, his friends and anyone who’s ever had to sit through one of his classes.  Think about it…consider you’re his student…are you really taking this guy seriously now?  What if you’re his colleague…do you value his thinking?  What if you’re his kids???  Do they lose friends because of their father blatantly posting something without first using his brain???

People may not realize it immediately, but every action has a consequence.  Let me repeat that…EVERY ACTION HAS A CONSEQUENCE.  Every single one.  It could be a good consequence or a bad, but every action has one.  That said, Mr. Storey – a Sociology professor of all things, didn’t think about consequence…didn’t think about empathy…and instead wrote from emotion.  I’m most surprised that a Sociology professor could do something like this and would be so severely judgemental because Sociology allows us to understand the brain, understand ways of thinking, and understand empathy.  So basically, the University of Tampa is employing a Professor of Sociology that doesn’t have empathy, doesn’t think before reacting and fails to truly employ Sociology in his daily life…probably not a good hire, right?

The real downfall of social media these days is that people think they’re hidden…people think things can be forgotten or just disappear as though they said things in front of a small group of understanding or like-minded friends…but NO.  It’s not true.  You may type things on a phone or on a single keyboard but your words can be seen by BILLION…Let me repeat that…BILLIONS OF PEOPLE CAN SEE WHAT YOU POST AND THEY WILL SEE IT FOREVER!  So, in essence, Professor Storey could be the greatest person of all time…he could be the greatest professor of all time…but none of that matters because we’ve seen his true colors.  He left his legacy online just like so many others that simply don’t stop to think about potential consequences.  This is exactly what parents are now trying to warn and teach children about…what you post online can have an impact on your life.  Things may include getting a job, losing a job, losing friends, shaming your family, etc.   This is why you don’t email or post when angry…this is why you take your time before hitting “send” or “submit”.  This is why you stop, wait 5 minutes and consider what the consequence may be.

So before you post something online, consider that there two things that never forget…elephants and the internet. 


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