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LaVar Ball Is Everything That’s Wrong With The World

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LaVar Ball Is Everything That’s Wrong With The World

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In case you haven’t heard, LaVar Ball – quite possibly the most annoying human being in the entire world, and definitely not an individual up for “Father of the Year” – is in the news yet again.  I get it, he likes being in the news because it allows him to sell his company’s products.  The news, including outlets such as ESPN, is sad enough to continue to allow Ball to go well beyond his 15-minutes of fame, but I guess some people don’t find the Ball family quite as annoying as me.  Personally, I’m not even going to make mention of his companiy nor their products.  I don’t want to give LaVar Ball any unnecessary spotlight here.  Instead, I want to shed light on how LaVar Ball is the definition of one of the main problems in our world – a lack of accountability and understanding.

In the latest bit of news, in case you don’t know, LaVar Ball has now pulled his middle son, LiAngelo, off the UCLA Men’s Basketball Team.  If I had to guess, that probably means he also won’t be a student at UCLA.  He did so because LiAngelo was suspended from the UCLA Men’s Basketball team after pathetically shoplifting while his team was in China for a pre-season collegiate basketball tournament.  Luckily, LiAngelo and two other teammates were helped by President Trump and were freed.  Believe me, if these weren’t athletes in the media, and if one of the three didn’t include LiAngelo Ball, the three players would have been left to suffer the consequences they should have.

Of course, after the three were freed and sent back to the United States, the three players apologized for their pathetic actions.  Their apologies most likely written for them.  So, all they had to was read an apology and all was good, right?  Wrong…  then they were suspended from the basketball team for an undisclosed period of time.  Some speculated that it could be the entire season – Oh no!  Not the entire season!!!  Remember, this could have been and should have been the three kids in jail in China for a year, let alone missing an entire season of collegiate basketball.  China doesn’t take thieves lightly and make no mistake about it, by pure definition, these three kids are of age and they are thieves.

Feeling his baby boy didn’t deserve to be punished, LaVar Ball pulled his kid off the team!  Keep in mind, this is the parent pulling the kid off the team, in order to avoid suspension and consequences, rather than the kid thinking for himself and taking action on his own!!!  And we’re talking about college.  When you were in college, if you got a bad grade, did mommy  or daddy storm into the classroom and complain to the teacher for you???  I mean, seriously!  It’s ridiculous beyond my imagination.

To quote LaVar Ball, “UCLA is not going to bring my boy down…You shouldn’t hang them on the cross this long for that.”

So you see, LaVar Ball simply doesn’t want baby boy, LiAngelo, to suffer the consequences of his decisions.  Much like his older brother Lonzo, as well as his younger brother La – la-la-something, the Ball children are run much like a communist country.  The three children, whom are talented in basketball to varying degrees, don’t have minds of their own.  Instead, they are sheep and LaVar is the shephard.  It’s sad really.  Could you even imagine for a second living in that house???!!!  What will these children end up being like as they grow older?  One can only imagine.  It’s like LaVar is grooming his children but can’t even handle himself!  But then you listen to the three kids talk and geeesshhh!!!  To quote LiAngelo, “My dad’s going to do the right choice.  We’re on the same page, trust me.”  Really, LiAngelo??? Really?  And if you haven’t actually heard LiAngelo speak on camera about all this, please take the time to do so on YouTube.  He clearly mimics what his father tells him, which means poor LiAngelo doesn’t have a mind of his own.

Oh, and as far as LiAngelo is concerned.  Now that he’s out of UCLA, his father plans to “sidestep” this step and get him to the NBA his own way.  Sadly, in hearing reports from many, many, many outlets, LiAngelo was lucky to have been on the UCLA Men’s Basketball Team and definitely does not have the talent for the NBA.  What will it mean if LiAngelo can’t make the NBA?  Will LaVar just throw him to the streets?  Will he force him to go to another country to play?  Will he make him change his last name?  Most of my suggestions are laughable but who knows?

But the point of all of this is to see that there are human beings out there whom sincerely don’t feel as though they should deal with consequences.  Believe me, folks, there are consequences to everything in life.  And while LiAngelo Ball may not see it yet, his actions, as well as his father’s actions and worlds are going to catch up to him.  It may not be today, it may not be tomorrow, but consequences do come eventually.   But pulling the kid off the team instead of being a real human being and accepting accountability and consequences may just be the worst move of young LiAngelo’s life…you know, other than being a thief.

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