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Not Communicating Doesn’t Mean Problems Go Away, But Does Say A Lot About Your Legacy

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Not Communicating Doesn’t Mean Problems Go Away, But Does Say A Lot About Your Legacy

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So many times, I speak with people, in multiple lines of work, that truly believe that if they don’t communicate with the clients whom have issue with them, that the problems will resolve themselves, and will simply disappear.  To this day, every time I hear them say this, I shake my head and truly wonder how people can actually believe not communicating is an actual solution!

The simple fact is, when problems arise, they only get resolved through communication.  Too many times these days, people fear confrontation, but is it really confrontation itself they’re fearing, or the thought of the possibility of confrontation?

Ultimately, when people are put in situation in which there is confrontation, no matter how large or small, they are able to handle the situation just fine.  Much like most anybody, I don’t look forward to confrontation, but I also don’t run from it, or try and build up a Hollywood script as to what that confrontation might be.  In my opinion, most people simply build up a fear of what kind of confrontation they may face, and then they run.  But running away, on in this case, not communicating during a time of turbulence, actually does more harm than good.

Consider that when someone wants and/or needs to speak with you, it’s important they have an ear to not only hear them but listen to them.  If there is confrontation of some sort, the quickest way to mediate that confrontation is to give people time to vent, time to express their feelings, and the time to give you the opportunity to feel empathy for them.  Empathy is the biggest and most important thing you can do for people.  it proves to them that you can put yourself in their shoes, and you can understand their feelings.  Even if a matter doesn’t get resolved to the complete liking of a person, many times they will be very happy, and very understanding, for someone to actually communicate with them, and to listen.

In business, you only get as far as your integrity, honesty, and empathy.  No matter how large the company is, the truth has a pretty cool way of coming out, and can sometimes expose companies for whom they truly are, as well as show how they’re truly run.  The question business owners, and people, have to ask themselves is, is your bottom line more important than your integrity?  It’s also important to remember that there are only two guarantees in this world:  Death and Taxes.  That means, as human beings, when we leave this world with no material items, including money, you are essentially only leaving your legacy behind.  Based on the answer to the question above, one might ask, what kind of legacy do you plan on leaving?

The next time you’re presented with what may be confrontation, don’t build up what that confrontation may become, instead, communicate directly with the person, be there for the person, listen to the person, empathize with the person, and show them that even if you can’t solve their issue to their 100% liking, you can most certainly be available to them, and you can listen to them.

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