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The Costs of The Media

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The Costs of The Media

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No matter what news organization you watch, you are being lied to.  Let me repeat that:  No matter what news organization you watch, you are being lied to.

Since I’m most familiar with the news in America, and even worked for a news organization at one point, we’re going to focus on the American news here.  And yes, there is an agenda with ALL news organizations.  No matter who they are, someone is in their pocket.  But you’ve been lied to your entire life.  For instance, if you’re not familiar with the TV show, “Adam Ruins Everything“, familiarize yourself with it.  Learn from it.  You will quickly see that many of the historical items you learned in school were actually embellished greatly, and, in some cases, totally misunderstood.

This “misunderstanding” of events continues today through all news organizations and outlets.  First and foremost, it’s important to understand that Cable television was originally designed to have no commercials.  Yes, you read that right; Cable television should have no commercials at all!  You already pay for the Cable service, and that was supposed to be the extent of charges…originally.  Then greed came in to play, and we are now over-inundated with commercials.  Secondly, the news tells you what their ownership group tells them to tell you.  Ultimately, higher ups in news organizations have hidden agendas (and sometimes not so hidden), which tells them what to report on and what not to report on.  This literally means that you are not always receiving the full story.  You can literally say that you are not receiving the information you have every right to receive.  Worst of all, the FCC – a government run organization – allows this to continue to occur.  They know it’s happening and yet they continue to allow it to happen.

When watching the news, whichever one you prefer, I’m willing to guess it’s a news organization that agree with your views, and agree with your morals.  I’m willing to guess that a very low number of people actually regularly watch the news that disagrees with their viewpoints.  But you must also understand this.  Just like schools teach children to conform to their leadership rather than think outside the box and become free thinkers and leaders, news organizations pander to your views and morals in order to brainwash you.  Now, at this point you may have stopped reading because you disagree with what I’m saying, but it’s important to remember that I am not talking about one news organization.  I am not talking about politics, agendas, sports, etc.  I am talking about every single news organization in America.  All of them do the exact same thing in different ways.  The fact is, you are brainwashed based on what you hear on the news you watch because they have people financially supporting them.  You are brainwashed based on the news you watch because they tell you what you want to hear, not what you need to hear.  You are brainwashed by the news you watch because you’re not receiving the whole story.  Worse than that, the news then sells to advertisers to show you commercials that play specifically to you.  You are a number.  You are a demographic.  You are targeted by the news organizations and all of the advertisers.  It’s as simple as that, but we, as people, ignore it because we’re hearing what we want to hear.  Imagine your reaction if your trusty news organization provided you with a story you vehemently disagreed with!  Would you continue to support them by watching them?

Like everything else in life, you’re not going to change your ways unless you realize there’s a problem.  I can tell you, having worked in the news for multiple years, there is most definitely a problem, but are you willing to see that problem?  If you are ready to admit that there is a problem, the way around this is for you to watch news you tend to disagree with.  For some this could be unhealthy because it may upset them too much, but as I like to say, “You can and should learn from everyone.”  Consider this; if you watch the news that disagrees with your viewpoints, you are then learning about “the other side of the argument”.  You are essentially strengthening your understanding of a situation and you are able to then form your own opinion.  This is part of being a free-thinker!  You would be free from what one side of the news is telling you, and understanding both sides of the argument.  You would essentially become everything the news doesn’t want you to become.  So my opinion is, don’t become the inside-the-box follower schools and news organizations want and expect you to be, be your own, original human being, and form your own opinions about everything!  Because right now, if you’re only watching news you agree with, your paying a hefty cost!

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