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The 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals Are This Year’s Finals

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The 2018 NBA Western Conference Finals Are This Year’s Finals

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If you’re an NBA fan, you might as well just wait until Monday night to resume watching the NBA Playoffs.  Sunday begins the Cavs vs. Celtics Eastern Conference series, but Monday night is the beginning of the Western Conference Finals – the series I believe should be considered this year’s finals.

Stay with me on this.  I don’t care how much LeBron James is loved, admired, worshiped, and falsely compared to Michael Jordan, the fact is, no team from the Eastern Conference is going to come near competing with a team from the Western Conference.  Yes, that’s correct, the Eastern Conference is the cake-walk conference LeBron James has always played in, in order to take the easiest path to the NBA Finals…ever, and the Eastern Conference will continue to be the conference LeBron James plays in because it’s his easiest path to the Finals.  For those whom want to compare LeBron to Michael Jordan, just keep in mind, the mild competition, and much easier style of play LeBron James is used to, is far weaker than the competition Michael Jordan faced on a nightly basis.  Had Michael Jordan played in today’s NBA, one could argue he would be scoring 6o points a night, be the MVP every single season, and would not only get to the NBA Finals every year, but win it every single year.  While LeBron James is a very talented and gifted athlete, HE IS NOT, NOR WILL HE EVER BE, MICHAEL JORDAN.  I’ve said it a million times, and I’ll say it a million more, If you want to compare LeBron James to anyone, you HAVE TO compare him to Magic Johnson – their styles of play are the same.  When you compare LeBron to Magic, you are comparing apples to apples…when you compare LeBron to Michael, you are comparing apples and oranges.  By this point, if you still disagree with me, take a solid look at Michael Jordan’s career, whom he played against, the challenges he faced, and you tell me he and LeBron are the same…they’re simply not.  Oh, and by the way, Michael Jordan never flopped.  For some of LeBron’s most epic flops, click here.  Leaders don’t flop, and true leaders win by EARNING IT, not cheating their way to it.  I’m not even going to bring leadership into this conversation, even though Michael Jordan was a true leader, and LeBron James is not.

The Western Conference Finals

To look for the truest form of entertainment in this year’s NBA Playoffs, skip the Cavs/Celtics series, and go directly to Monday night’s opening of the Western Conference Finals.  The Golden State Warriors will face off against what I see as their toughest challenge during the championship years, the Houston Rockets.  Not since the days of the Hakeem Olajuwon Rockets have the Rockets been this scary, and the Warriors will have their hands full!  I’m not saying the Rockets will win the series, but I am saying this series will go 7 games.  While the Cavs will get past the Celtics in 5 or 6 games, you will have flashbacks of the 80’s Lakers vs. Celtics, 90’s Bulls vs. Knicks, and Bulls vs. Pistons, and even 2000’s Lakers vs. Kings, when watching this year’s Western Conference Finals.  Let’s just hope the refs let them play basketball!  The cost of missing this series will be immense!


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