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5 SEO Tips To Better Your Business

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5 SEO Tips To Better Your Business

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5 SEO Tips To Better Your Business

It’s amazing how much technology has changed. Kids these days will never understand the struggle of being in the middle of an online search and your parents picking up the home phone and kicking you offline. What was popular then seems ancient now. Nowadays, there’s internet on your phone, TV, watch, etc. When I was in school, we had floppy disks, Oregon Trail, Encyclopedia Britannica, AOL, and beepers.

When I was in college, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) was not a term that anyone knew. Now, six years later, SEO seems to be a household term. Every business in America that wants to be competitive online is spending tremendous amount of money on their SEO. So; I have put together a beginner’s do-it-yourself guide to SEO. Here are the top 5 tips to remember when it comes to making your website more visible.

  1. Add keywords to your website content: Keywords are the easiest way to get your website noticed. Most search engines such as Google or Yahoo, have robots that “crawl” (or read) your website. They pick out certain keywords and promote your business accordingly. It’s not as easy as it sounds though. For instance, I work for a Multi-media company that focuses on video production and online search visibility. Every video production company in the area will be using the keyword “video production.” Try to focus on more specific words or phrases such as “tradeshow packages” or one specific service that your business offers. Furthermore, if you use too many keywords, Google will accuse you of keyword stuffing and you can get your business blacklisted from their search engine. We recommend focusing on anywhere from 5-7 keywords.

  2. Use Meta Tags To Add More Keywords: Meta Tags are not seen by your customers- only by the robots reading your website. This is a good way to add more keywords (without keyword stuffing) and it explains to the robots what your website is about. This is just as important as inserting keywords alone. If you have used a program like Wix or WordPress to build your website, you should be able to easily add Meta Tags to your website.

  3. Backlinks and Link Building: Backlinks are basically any links that direct people back to your website. This can be done through links on other businesses websites, press releases, other blogs, or basically anything that takes the potential client back to your website. These are important for SEO, because Google gives more credit to websites that have a large amount of good quality backlinks. Though, be careful, because it only works if the backlinks are relevant. For example, if you own an animal shelter, a website about puppies linking back to you would be relevant. If Sephora had a backlink to your website, that will hurt you more than help you, because that’s not relevant.

  4. Google Listings/ Google Maps: You can get a free listing on Google Places/ Google Maps through your Google+ Page. By becoming verified through Google, you have a higher likelihood of helping your business show up in a lot of different places.

  5. Directory Submissions: Not only does this help your SEO, but you should just do this, because it’s good business. By submitting your business to as many directories as possible. This will help your business dominate the first page of Google. Tips: make sure you setup a Facebook, Manta, Citisearch, YellowPages, Merchant Circle, Angie’s List, Yelp, etc.

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