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Business 101:  Preparing for a Video Shoot

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Business 101: Preparing for a Video Shoot

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If you’re reading this, either you have had video shoots in the past that didn’t go so well, or you are in the midst of planning a video shoot.  No matter what your situation is, this article, and more Business 101 articles in the future, will help you prepare in the best possible manner in order to reap all the amazing benefits a video shoot can provide to a company.

Lesson 1:  Listening

Much like everything in life, preparing for a video shoot requires the ability to listen, not just hear what the video production company is saying.  Listening allows you to fully understand and comprehend everything being told to you in the planning stages of a video shoot.  Many times, you may hear what the video production company is saying to you, but, at the same time, you are thinking of your rebuttal.  This puts you at a disadvantage right off the bat because the information being explained to you is for your benefit entirely and will help make a filming day easy, leave little room for surprises, and will allow for ultimate success in the video project in the end.  If you are the type to only “hear” what someone is saying and not actually “listen”, try closing your eyes during the conversation with the video production company.  Losing the sense of sight will ultimately allow the sense of hearing to increase.  This is why, many times, you will hear that someone whom suffers from blindness will hear things others cannot.  Same holds true for many whom suffer from deafness to where they will see much better than a person whom can hear.  Once you are able to listen to what the video production company is explaining to you, you are then equipped much better for questions you may have or even true rebuttals.  Once you are able to ask the right questions, which will lead to your advantage in the filming of your company, you are able to have a full grasp of what to expect on the day of filming, which will lead to your full knowledge and expectations for the end result.
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