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Business 101: Lesson 4: Attention to Detail

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Business 101

Lesson 4:  Attention to Detail


Having started this blog and topic in order to educate companies and businesses on how to give themselves the best possible chance at success when making a company video of any kind, this week we will be discussing Lesson 4:  Attention to Detail.  
We’ve talked about it before and we’ll talk about it again; when it comes to having a video created on behalf of your company, you’re making an investment on behalf of your company.  If you are like me, you don’t like having your investments fail.  And that’s what makes attention to detail so darn important!  When we say attention to detail, it’s not just you (the company) whom needs attention to detail; it’s also the video production company you’re working with.  If the video production company you’re working with fails to have amazing Attention to Detailattention to detail, you’re in trouble right off the bat!  Even if your company’s attention to detail is lacking somewhat, you need to make sure the video production company you’re working with is not!  While it’s not their job to do so, a great and professional video production company will take the job of keeping their clients on point, which means they should be, and have to be, amazingly organized.  Even if you, the company, remains on point and shows amazing attention to detail, if the video production company you’re working with lacks an amazing attention to detail, you’re video project doesn’t stand a chance.  This is one of the great divides in “you get what you pay for” in the world of video production.  Many times, individuals, and sometimes companies, want videos done for as low a cost as possible (let’s call it what it is “on the cheap”); Like I’ve said before, “You get what you pay for.”  I’m not saying you can’t find amazing video production companies at affordable prices – you definitely can; but what I am saying is that if you find a video production company to be far cheaper than everyone else, be on high alert.  There’s a reason they’re so much cheaper.  Many times video production companies are slightly less expensive than the norm because they are looking to build their portfolio in an area they haven’t delved too deep into yet (this is a reasonable reason to be SLIGHTLY less expensive than the competition); But if you shop your project around and are being quoted around $2000 or even $1000, and then you come across a video production company willing to do it for $200 or $300, I wouldn’t be too quick to jump in business with them.  Odds are, a company that is that less expensive is a company you’re not going to depend on.  Perhaps they don’t accept accountability for their mistakes, perhaps they have editors on staff that don’t allow for feedback as well as criticism, or perhaps they simply can’t handle a project.  
As an example, I once spoke to a video production company on behalf of a client of ours.  The client had previously worked with another video production company and was going to share some of the previous raw footage they had filmed during this project because they wanted to use it in their project with us (we always welcome supplemental footage, even if we didn’t film it, because you can never have too much footage).  The trick with using someone else’s footage is that we (the video production company) need to make certain the footage is formatted so it can be used within our editing systems.  Editing systems and software speak languages; video footage also speaks languages.  Any and all video production companies know that the language the editing software is speaking, must be compatible with the language the video footage is speaking Rude-customer-service-r2in order to work properly.  As it sadly turned out, while the client we were working with was under the impression they had the raw footage, and it was technically true, they had raw footage that spoke a different language than any other professional video production company could use.  Thus, the raw footage for the client was utterly useless.  So, on behalf of the client, I called the video production company.  Sadly, the video production company was rude and stated they had provided the client with technical raw footage and if they couldn’t use it, it was too bad for them and us.  Thankfully, I was able to talk sense into them and had them re-export the raw footage into a useable format that we and all other professional video production companies could use.  This would have never happened to the client had they been knowledgable about the video production company they were working with, nor would it have happened if they knew the right questions to ask.  As you can see, because the client was naive to video production and how video footage worked, the video production took advantage and nearly got away with it.  Thankfully they went into business with us and were immediately provided knowledge of how the industry works, how it operates, and how they can be benefited by a video project when it’s done right.  This is all a part of attention to detail.  Our company, and I personally, believe that knowledge is power.  The more knowledgable our clients are, the better they understand and appreciate the process.  
So how can you make sure a video production company has attention to detail?  Interview them.  Talk to them.  Handle the situation as you would when looking to hire someone to work for you.  In truth, you can never ask too many questions about something you don’t know.  Like Socrates once said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”  Meaning, once you can admit and accept you don’t know about the world of video Socrates_Portrait_400production, start asking questions and learning as much as you can.  While you will never learn everything, nor know as much as a professional video production company, you will allow yourself to learn enough to begin to have an appreciation for the art, and for what you will NEED as an end result.  
So before you jump into business with a video production company that is very low cost, and before you jump into business with a video production company that is only concerned with their own bottom line, test them on their attention to detail; Interview them as you would a perspective employee.  Because you can never do enough research when it comes to your investments!


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