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Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing Google+

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Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing Google+

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Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing Google+

Why Your Business Should Be Utilizing Google+

I recently did an online search to see if there was a dictionary definition of the term “Googling.” Well, according to dictionary.com, it is a verb (often lowercase) that means “to search the Internet for information about a person, topic, etc. For example, “We googled the new application to check her background.” What I find most interesting about this definition is that at no point do they say a “Google” search. I feel like Googling has become an all encompassing term to talk about the Internet as a whole. The best way to explain what I mean by that would be to use Kleenex as an example. When you have a runny nose, do you ask someone to grab you some Kleenex or a facial tissue? While, Kleenex is just the brand, it’s how we associate tissue. It’s the same way with Google. We have begun associating online searches with Google.

There are 1.52 billion search engine users around the globe, and 77% of them are using Google for their searches. When it comes to global powerhouses, Google is definitely in the lead. When you realize just how gigantic Google is, only then can you truly understand why Google+ is so important.

Google+ is Google’s social media marketing platform. While it’s similar to Facebook in that you can post photos, share your content, update your statuses, but Google can help your business in ways that no other search engine can. When you set up your Google+ Page, you are focusing on five different key features:

  1. It Is Important for SEO

    When Google built the social media platform, the engineers constructed it so that there was an SEO plugin to ensure that Google+ would dominate the search results over all other social media platforms. So, you are increasing your search results, just by setting up your own Google+ page.

  2. Google+ Local

    Google+ is beneficial for any business, but especially local businesses. By utilizing this feature, your business will appear in the map results as well as in the local section of Google. This can help you show up under your keywords in a more targeted radius with only your target market in mind.

  3. Improve Your Index

    When you share your content through Google specifically, it will help your business when the search engine indexes your content. This will also help you showing up in more places, higher, and faster.

  4. Social Media Integration

    When you publish blog posts, articles and other forms of communication on your page, your business will be showing up under the keywords listed in that page vs just having someone “googling” your name alone.

  5. YouTube Integration

    While Google is the #1 search engine in the world, YouTube is #2. Now, that Google owns YouTube, the two sites are intertwined. You can set up auto enabling, which means that everything you post on your Google+ page will automatically upload to your YouTube page (or vice versa).

Being that Google+ is a free service, every business owner should be utilizing it. The truth of the matter is, we are in a rat race. The end goal is to be doing the best we can and to do it better than our competition. If you aren’t doing this, your competition is. This the future, the question is, are you ready to get on board?


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