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Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 1

How 2 Media blog posts, Marketing Professor Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 1

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Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 1

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We at How 2 Media are all about maximizing opportunities for our clients.  For us, success isn’t measured by our bottom line; it is measured by the success of our clients.  And to have true client success, you need to market correctly.  Though many, many companies have marketing directors, marketing officials, and even entire marketing departments, many companies lack the knowledge of today’s correct version of marketing, and suffer the consequences from not understanding how to properly market.  Many times companies will go to outside marketing companies for help, and while there are a select few marketing companies that truly do listen to their clients, and help their clients, the majority of such marketing companies are simply out for money, push their own cookie-cutter agenda, and don’t even listen to a company’s wants and needs.  That is why we have created a cheat sheet of sorts, and a guide, in order to help companies implement the proper steps of marketing, and to help companies truly benefit from properly marketing.  That is why we bring you today, lesson 1:  Communication.

1:  Communication:

For a company to properly market, the first step is to properly communicate.  If you don’t communicate, or simply can’t communicate properly, you are going to market very well.  For example, when you are using different marketing techniques, you need to empathize with your demographic; you need to grab their attention and maintain their attention; you need to satisfy their wants and needs.

1A:  The Toddler:

I always like to remind clients that you can think of a company’s demographic as a toddler.  For example, if someone were to carry the same traits as a toddler as an adult, they would be considered greedy.  But we don’t label toddlers as greedy because they are simply at a stage in their life when they are learning, and truly don’t know any better.  As an adult you obviously should already understand the proper behavior.  But think about it; toddlers are essentially greedy.  They want, want, and want; they want everything to feel good, and they want constant attention.  Ultimately, it’s all about them, right?  A company’s demographic is the same way.  The only reason we are interested in watching commercials, doing business with companies, certain products, and retaining information we hear and see in commercials is because it satisfies a need or want of ours.  Companies, whether ethical or not, are targeting us in this manner.  We in the industry know this as, “Talking to Toddlers“.  That’s right, there’s a label for this, and one thing we in entertainment and marketing understand is that if there’s a label to something, there are plenty of people looking to steal from you.

1b:  Being Sold

Many times, I will watch a commercial and not even remember what the company is trying to sell!  That’s terrible!  That means that a marketing agency sold something to their client, and the client bit it hook, line and sinker!  The company who bought that ad actually got duped!  Did they get duped because of the marketing agency, or because of not truly understanding the art of marketing?  The answer is both.

Consider this; as a boss or manager at a company, if you don’t understand how to properly do something within that company, how can you properly tell a colleague or employee to do that same task?  You can’t.  The only way to properly manage is to have been in that person’s shoes before; to have done that job before.  As a boss or manager, you should be able to answer the questions a person may have in regard to that task.  Marketing, and dealing with marketing agencies is the same.  Even if you know and understand marketing, it’s perfectly fine to work with a marketing agency.  The difference with someone who knows marketing dealing with a marketing agency and someone who doesn’t know marketing is drastic.  If you know marketing, you can ask knowledgeable questions to a marketing agency, choose the right marketing agency, and truly impact the message that gets out to your demographic.  If you don’t know marketing, the marketing agency can sell you on their agenda, and that’s where companies begin to fail…even before a marketing plan is created!  Most companies don’t understand this, place their money and faith into a marketing agency, and then begin a path to failure without even realizing it.  It’s a sad downward spiral that needs to end, and truly can end so long as people are willing to read, comprehend, and learn.

Going to back to “Talking to Toddlers“, you need to understand who your demographic is.  For someone companies they have a widespread demographic, and for some it’s a niche, and very small.  No matter the size, though, understanding your demographic’s wants and needs is the single most vital thing in properly communicating to them.  If you don’t understand your demographic, you won’t properly communicate with them, and you will fail…guaranteed.  If this explains you, do yourself a favor and begin to learn as much as you can about your demographic.  Begin to study their wants, study their needs, and study how they spend their time and money.  Doing so will make you more powerful in reaching them.  You could have the most amazing products or services in the world, but if people don’t know who you are, and you aren’t properly communicating with your demographic, you will fail.  Proper research is the first step in creating the proper communication.  The proper communication will connect you to your demographic, and, if done correctly, will fulfill their questions, their wants, and their needs.


Each week, we will update this blog, and help people truly understand marketing, in a soft yet direct approach.  We feel that providing too much information too quickly is a good way to lose people’s interest, and then people don’t follow through with what you’re trying to teach them.  Your first lesson from today is to begin understanding your demographic, researching them, and begin to formulate a plan to communicate with them, in order to fulfill their needs.  

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