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Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 3

How 2 Media blog posts, Marketing Professor Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 3

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Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 3

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We at How 2 Media are all about maximizing opportunities for our clients.  For us, success isn’t measured by our bottom line; it is measured by the success of our clients.  And to have true client success, you need to market correctly.  Though many, many companies have marketing directors, marketing officials, and even entire marketing departments, many companies lack the knowledge of today’s correct version of marketing, and suffer the consequences from not understanding how to properly market.  Many times companies will go to outside marketing companies for help, and while there are a select few marketing companies that truly do listen to their clients, and help their clients, the majority of such marketing companies are simply out for money, push their own cookie-cutter agenda, and don’t even listen to a company’s wants and needs.  That is why we have created a cheat sheet of sorts, and a guide, in order to help companies implement the proper steps of marketing, and to help companies truly benefit from properly marketing.  That is why we bring you today, lesson 3:  Building Your Brand on Trust

1:  Building Your Brand on Trust:

The third step in proper marketing is Building Your Brand on Trust.  One of the most difficult things for people to find these days is honesty, and yes, that includes honesty for companies.  We all know companies want our money – we all watch television, and we’re all over-inundated with commercials and other forms of advertising – enough to make us all crazy.  But unless you feel your company is so big that people’s reviews and opinions of you don’t matter, you’re going to want to make sure your brand is built on trust.

The first part in building your brand on trust is not just writing it, not just thinking it, but actually living it.  I don’t care what you’ve said to a client or an employee, if you’ve stated it, make sure it comes true.  When you’re building your brand on trust, the last thing you want or need is someone making a claim that you are in any way dishonest.  People aren’t stupid, and they will see through dishonesty.  If you stay true to your word, you will quickly notice that you will be building a strong reputation, which will suit you well in marketing, especially with the proper use of SEO!  For example, I have tons of clients whom will tell you about our company and about me personally.  These clients will be quick to tell you of how honest our company is, how honest I am, and how quickly I respond to emails.  I take a lot of pride in that.  For me, those words from clients are far more valuable than any amount of money I will ever come across.  I love our clients…all of them, and yes, we’ve had difficult clients, but I love them to because there’s nothing better than giving them complete honesty, and showing them we are always honest, always dedicated to them, and always wanting the best for them.  It’s those difficult clients I like best because they hold you to your word, and they make sure we’re going to stay true to your word.  And once they see you have, you have a relationship for life.  They realize they truly can trust you.  Trust goes a long, long way in this world, and if you can market that trust, and have the backing of your clients, you are most definitely on the right path.

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