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Advertising/PR – Television Opp or Not? – Marketing Prof – A guide to marketing correctly – Lesson 4

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We at How 2 Media are all about maximizing opportunities for our clients.  For us, success isn’t measured by our bottom line; it is measured by the success of our clients.  And to have true client success, you need to market correctly.  Though many, many companies have marketing directors, marketing officials, and even entire marketing departments, many companies lack the knowledge of today’s correct version of marketing, and suffer the consequences from not understanding how to properly market.  Many times companies will go to outside marketing companies for help, and while there are a select few marketing companies that truly do listen to their clients, and help their clients, the majority of such marketing companies are simply out for money, push their own cookie-cutter agenda, and don’t even listen to a company’s wants and needs.  That is why we have created a cheat sheet of sorts, and a guide, in order to help companies implement the proper steps of marketing, and to help companies truly benefit from properly marketing.  That is why we bring you today, lesson 4:  Testimonials

1:  Testimonials:

Nothing, and I mean nothing speaks louder than a client.  You can say anything you want about your company, just as I can say anything I want about our company, but to hear it directly from a client means so much more!  In fact, though I don’t know any specific studies that have been done, I know that I would trust a client of a company 10 times more than I would hearing it from someone whom actually worked at/for that company.  So your marketing, and your SEO, should have a lot to do with how your clients feel about you.  Remember when we spoke about honesty?  Well, your clients can quickly and easily allow prospective clients to understand that you are, indeed, an honest company.  The best way to have your clients truly help your marketing efforts, is by teaching your clients how they can connect with you through social media.  For instance, if you have hashtags you use on Twitter and Facebook, or you have keywords you would use on YouTube or in Google, let your clients know, and allow them to understand that they will connect with you much easier and faster if they use such SEO.  In doing so, the entire internet becomes one giant spiderweb, which allows complete connectivity.  Because the ultimate goal isn’t just to appeal to the clients that know your company by name, but to connect with clients that don’t even know your company name, and don’t even know you exist.  For example, if you’re NASA, you don’t just want to pop up from people typing in, “NASA”…you want people to find you when you simply type in, “space”.   So have your clients connect with you through social media, have your clients talking about you, and have your clients learn SEO to empower them and you!

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