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Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising

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Pay Per Click Advertising Search Marketing

How 2 Media typically utilizes a few platforms for Pay Per Click advertising and not just one. It really depends on your target audience, but any platform of PPC Advertising we use is very effective and grants a high rate of conversions.

Growing businesses all over the world are using pay per click advertising to attract new customers. It’s easy to see what’s working, and adjust your campaign based on that information.

The speed and control you get with pay per click advertising means there’s freedom to experiment and make changes to find what works best for your advertising needs.

How to Make Pay Per Click Advertising Work for Your Business

  • Control how much you want to spend
  • Choose which keywords (terms or phrases that prompt your ad to appear) to use
  • Precisely target where you want your ads to appear
  • Pay only when someone clicks on your ad
  • Easily measure your advertising’s impact on your business
  • Change, pause, or end your campaign at any time

If you’re already in the main list of search results (otherwise known as an “organic” or “natural” search), advertising on the search results page is still a good idea; having a top listing in both organic searches and advertising will generally increase the traffic to your website.

Search Platforms are the most popular pay per click advertising platform in the world. It’s fast, easy, flexible,

As a Certified Pay Per Click Advertising Management Company building cost effective and properly executed PPC campaigns with the highest conversion Rates
As a Certified Pay Per Click Advertising Management Company building cost effective and properly executed PPC campaigns with the highest conversion Rates

targeted, and very effective in getting your message to the top of the search engines.

While the risks are minimal, an experienced qualified Pay Per Click Professional can help you set up and run your campaigns more efficiently and effectively.

Pay per click campaign performance should be regularly monitored, tracked and measured. Regular monitoring and adjusting of keywords, ad copy, landing pages, calls to action, budgets and bids can improve Pay Per Click Advertising Campaign performance.

4 tips for how to write effective ads:

  • State what makes you different from your competitors
  • Incorporate a call to action in your ad
  • Use the most important keywords in the ad text
  • Use ad variations to see which is better

6 essentials for your landing page:

  • Provide interesting content
  • Have a compelling name for your page
  • Be clear about who you are and what you can offer
  • Make sure there’s a clear call to action: what do you want the customer to do?
  • Make sure that the content on your landing page reflects your ad
  • Provide contact information

A landing page is a specially constructed web page that is directly related and relevant to a user’s search. Having a good landing page contributes to the positioning of your ad in a list of search results. A properly designed landing page also influences whether or not someone is interested in becoming a customer.

Our pay per click advertising professionals deliver complete pay per click advertising campaign development and maintenance:

  • Campaign planning
  • Personalized campaign development
  • Targeted keyword research
  • Continuous keyword management
  • Ad copywriting and editing
  • Expert landing page development
  • A/B split testing and measurement
  • Continuous performance monitoring
  • Effective conversion optimization
  • Comprehensive ROI tracking and campaign reporting

How 2 Media Specializes in Search Engine Marketing: Blogging, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Pay Per Click Advertising, Web Analytics and Other Internet-Based Marketing Strategies to Help Your Business Get Found, Generate Leads, Build Relationships and Measure Results.

As a Certified Pay Per Click Advertising Professional, we are also focused on building cost effective and properly executed pay per click campaigns to put your message in front of potential customers at their exact time of need.


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