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Training Videos

How 2 Media Training Videos
Creating an effective training videos requires many different moving parts including the right script, editing, pace, tone, length, and engagement.

Training Videos

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Training Videos that Train Effectively

Creating videos designed to teach, inform, and improve performance is a sophisticated undertaking. Over the past 10 years, How 2 Media has established itself as leading expert in this area of expertise. To train someone visually is not an easy thing to accomplish so one must be precise in their message they are conveying on the trainee. Learning requires a very complex set of conditions and cues. Attention spans are limited—your audiences are more distracted now than ever especially with the new age of smart phones.

Creating an effective training video requires many different moving parts including the right script, editing, pace, tone, length, and engagement. Video is one of the most cost-effective and measurable means of training for large and small corporations.

In addition to our full range of core video production services, we also offer a full range of training video services, including:

• Retail training videos
• Sales training
• Product usage and product demo training
• Train the trainer videos
• Workforce and management communication videos
• Employee orientation
• Interactive training DVDs
• Foreign language translation
• Custom designed graphics
• Surveys, feedback generation, Q&A
• Compliance programs
• Effectiveness measuring tools

How 2 Media has developed a sophisticated process for the development of training videos. First we identify your audience asking a question like: Who are we talking to and what is their frame of mind regarding the proposed topic?

All of these factors are determined collaboratively by our team of writers, animators, designers, and technicians.

After we understand your goals for your training videos, we work collaboratively with you to translate your company’s style. We help determine factors such as whether to use professional actors, voice-over artists, your employees, motion graphics, or a formal or casual delivery.

The result is a video that conveys the message effectively.

Do you need a video that teaches, informs, trains, or increases performance? Let How 2 Media provide the solution.

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